Branding of Alloys Made Easy

Whether you work in the construction, engineering, automotive or another industry, you may use alloys on a daily basis. Though you have the option of buying alloys from certain companies, you also have the option of purchasing alloys that carry the name of your own company. With those items, you can pass the savings onto your customers.

How it Works

Selectrode Industries, Inc. and other companies let you buy alloys that carry your own brand name on the front. The way it works is fairly simple. After deciding on the type of alloy that you want and the amount that you need, you only need to make a few other decisions. You can request that alloys as-is and use those components in your business, or you can request a private label. The supplier will work with you to develop an alloy that carries the name and logo of your company on the front. You can then sell those products in your shops, or you can use the products when completing jobs for your clients.

What Can You Buy?

You can buy a large number of items and components for your company. Many manufacturers offer electrodes made from aluminum, nickel, bronze and copper. Depending on the applications of those products and how you plan to use each one, you may also opt for electrodes made from carbon steel or cast iron. Make sure that you know what type of materials and products that you need before placing your order for customized alloys to ensure you meet the needs of your clients.
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