Microsoft prepare the launch of three new tablets for 2013

The Redmond company is currently preparing three new generations of the tablet space, including the launch should take place in 2013.

This is the informant (usually quite reliable) announced yesterday that since his account Twitter by posting three messages 140 characters in the format:

"There will be a surface RT 2, equipped with a 8.6 inch screen and with a Qualcomm processor, in contrast with the Tegra 3 currently integrated in the RT area."

"Surface Pro will be updated with a 11.6-inch screen and abandon it on the Intel Core i5 processor for AMD APU" Temash "which will be released soon."

"There will be a third area called" Living Book "with a 14.6 inch screen and an Intel Haswell 22nm."

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's current CEO, recently announced to its shareholders that the firm never leave the hardware itself as an obstacle against its need for innovation, recognizing the way that Microsoft had already arrived very late on the ground mobile (especially the shelves).

The desire to extend Microsoft as soon its range of tablets to - go, dare we say - catch up is understandable especially when we know that since these products is that its users will enjoy fully its new OS and interface dedicated to it.

Remains to be seen to what period of the year 2013 these new tablets will point the tip of their nose, because in view of the battle taking place for some time between giants Apple, Google and Amazon each month to the risk of lost coming into operation of these new products more difficult for Microsoft.
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Blackberry 10: discovery of an operating system that will count

The tone is given on arrival at the French headquarters of RIM: we will see a near final version of the operating system of the future Blackberry, but we will not be able to take over the equipment to play with. The reason? RIM wants gradually revealing its operating system and still have nice things to show at the grand launch on 30 January.

Discussion with David Derrida, Product Manager, Research In Motion, will therefore be dashed: between what he can say what he wants to imply, and what he can not reveal. Reminder, so we know already that Research in Motion will present two smartphones on January 30th: 1 Touch (with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels), and another with a famous keyboard, trademark historic RIM (with a resolution of 720 × 720). And for this launch, RIM wants to make it big. Its ambition: to provide the operating system that will run with the largest number of applications.

To do so, the company is preparing developers for 1 year with a tour called Jam Blackberry has already made ​​several trips around the world. Research In Motion has already passed its first challenge: improve the image of the brand by forgetting ideas we had on the OS: OS forget to owner and older, 10 Blackberry accepting applications in C + +, HTML 5, Flash, etc.. HTML5 Level, Blackberry boasts 10 have a better rendering engine iOS6. In fact, RIM has developed the best engine on the market today with a score of 486/500 on the test website performance HTML5 independent.

But we now know, the war of smartphones not played on pure performance. Apple has proved it: ergonomics should be the spearhead of all manufacturers. And it is clear that RIM has potash topic before proposing its BB10. Indeed, Research In Motion has looked at the numbers of use on iPhone and others. The fact is that 95% of applications are launched only once and that the average user will only use 6 applications per day.

One is entitled to wonder why Apple has 24 slots for apps on the home screen knowing that the 3/4 will not open. RIM will therefore offer a home screen that can display the last 8 applications open. You open the ninth, the oldest will close automatically, leaving only 8 applications running in the background. idea? Want to optimize performance while avoiding the strange ritual which means that the user must double-click on "Home" to tap the screen repeatedly to close the 30 applications open in the background.

In addition to the home screen that keeps you going 8 applications potentially actually use a screen is always available on the left with a simple swipe of a finger with all emails, SMS, social interactions of all kinds. RIM gave special care to the screen they are recognized for their effectiveness on written communication, and on that side, the worshipers of the brand will not be disappointed because the keyboard has been designed for maximum ease. Simply start typing a word to see predictions get on the next letter needed to be written.

You wrote "Good" the word "good" is written on the "n" and the word "Hello" the "j", you choose the word slipped a quick finger to choose. Again, I could see that the person in front of me to use this feature without being able to test myself, but rendering seems ultra-intuitive. And knowing the plight of today's operating systems regarding the recognition of a change of language in the middle of a message, predicting RIM will know and learn when you use the English in the middle of your message, and generally respond Blackberry 10 seems exactly what one would expect of a smartphone future generation intelligent, smooth and efficient.

And RIM has great ambitions for BB10. In fact, he wants to perpetuate the Blackberry as the third ecosystem market. Finally, after this first demonstration, it feels like after a striptease. Very excited by what we saw but frustrated at not being able to touch it. Subsequently, on January 30.

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Wi-Drive makes sharing and increases storage capacity

Increase the storage capacity of your shelves and Smartphones with  Wi-Drive  proposed by Kingston. It also offers the ability to easily share files with 3 people, music ...

Wi-Drive is available in a compact wireless, users can thus carry around. Sharing documents (photos, music, videos, movies ...) is simplified, it can be used by three people at the same time. Your devices will also benefit from greater storage capacity as the Wi-Drive gives you up to 32 additional GB. Kingston introduces the first expansion device flash memory products designed for Apple and Android. This product and its application were also considered as the application of the most innovative flash memory in 2011 at the Flash Memory Summit.

Easy sharing

Wi-Drive is used without any cable, which greatly facilitates transporting and sharing files. Via a computer, the files are copied and pasted on the Wi-Drive with ease. The dimensions of 121.5 x 61.8 x 9.8 mm to fit all pockets. The device is also discrete since it weighs 84 grams. To use the Wi-Drive, the application is available on the App Store  and  Google Play.

Wi-Drive comes with two capacities, 16 or 32 GB The application has been updated, several features are available:
  • Loading and deleting files using the technology WiFi
  • Recognition of Apple and Android devices using the "Open With"
  • Sending files (photos, music, videos ...) via mail attachments
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Microsoft Business Innovation Center: An accelerator for the adoption of new technologies

Technological complexity visible in our system of consumption is also found in communication between men. The emergence of this new platform, these intelligent devices of all kinds, is growing constantly and unrestrained. This "interactive" and "augmented" facilitates our daily personal and professional level uses. However, it remains difficult to digest this perpetual innovation, especially when it is not our core business.

This is where the Microsoft Services division that I had the pleasure to discover a few days there. This window on the future of the company is the ideal place to soak unpublished experiments, developed around Microsoft technologies to customers as diverse and varied Boulanger, Caliatys (Air Liquide) and Rexel. Directed by Carlo Purassanta and considered the heart of the innovation strategy of the firm of Redmond Business Innovation Center consists of 700 employees organized around three core businesses such as corporate strategy, consulting and support.

His first job is very architects and consultants support clients in the discovery phase of new technologies in the image of Windows 8 but also Kinect  or PixelSense . The idea is to demonstrate how they can add value to the company. Since its inception eight months ago, the division hosted 70 companies that have benefited each training sessions specific to their industry.

The second job, more operational, is to define architectures and help in the implementation of infrastructure project mode. Experiments with customers are ahead of the launch of Microsoft products and services. Beta versions work around thus enables business partners to be a pioneer in the adoption. Note that the 22 ongoing projects meet one of the four proposed themes, such as business efficiency, visualization and data mining, operational efficiency and finally all kinds of digital marketing issues such as animation communities.

The last job on it can simply be compared to an after-sales service and maintenance. Based on all the evidence of client companies, it appears clearly that this is the great strength of Microsoft.

According to the director of Microsoft Services met for the occasion, all of these activities in the context of current and future challenges of the business, like mobility, customer relationship, but also effective collaborative enterprise. The division has set the goal of helping small customers (20%) and large (80%) to increase productivity while supporting their growth and this by placing technological innovation at the heart of their business development. "Microsoft Business Innovation Center is an accelerator for the adoption of new technologies," sums up the director of ICBMs.

Microsoft confirms its supremacy in the B to B Indeed, Carlo Purassanta not worried about competition since he considers that his company is the only legitimate both to professionals and their targets, the general public. In the B to C have found products design and very important application catalogs that characterize foremost Apple and Android, but they are still struggling to win in business against Microsoft. On the other hand, there are experts in the B to B as Oracle or IBM, highly reliable, but expensive and inflexible. Microsoft would be the only company with a foot to the right and left.


The MIBK the particularity to work around each technology upstream of its "official" launch. His teams also work on Windows 8 last year with some clients. A is subject Purassanta Carlo finds that the interest of companies has increased significantly since September, the month in which the conference was held which was attended Build not less than 7000 developers.

I must say that technological change around Windows 8, offers great opportunities to optimize the working environment as the business development of the Company. The multi-monitor / multi-platform and single interface revolutionize the user experience, which opens new perspectives. To believe the statements of key stakeholders, Patrick Perret Boulanger and Raphael Mansuy of Caliatys, Microsoft finally responds to their aspirations. These companies feel the need to innovate internally for a long time, but the complexity inherent in the development of technological projects braked far their ambitions or did not allow them to accomplish this task without size constraints.

For Patrick Perret "It allows the development team to design a one-time application because it will then be automatically adapted to all platforms. This is very important because it optimizes the working time. " Raphael Mansuy tempers adding that "an application is not the same in the GUI when developing on a small or large form factor (screen size). '


Based on the new platform from Microsoft, the distributor Appliances has developed an application that allows its sellers (two stores at the moment) to showcase their products while supporting the customer on the shelves. The interactive catalog on tablet powered by Windows 8, allows sellers to search for products by keyword, using visual categories, but also access to available and browse the application in split screen ( Sliptscreen) for comparative simplified products. Beyond comfort for sales professionals, this application develops a more engaging experience with customers and amplifies the chances of converting them into customers. Patrick Perret, Director of Computer Studies Boulanger adds that the first returns are successful thanks to the intuitive handling.

Caliatys meanwhile, is one of the customers who had vowed to launch its application in iOS. By chance that its CEO Raphael Mansuy and the Microsoft Services met and eventually worked together. The prototype application on Windows 8 tablet presented for the occasion allows today to attend daily equipment maintenance technicians in the field hospital.

Made in two days, the first prototype was presented to clients within one week later. Evidence that the technology can be quick and easy to develop.

In short, despite competition from Google and Apple, Microsoft remains the preferred partner in the business. Raphael Mansuy considers that the great advantage of Windows 8 over Android and iOS, is none other than security, which already characterized the previous OS of the firm. "I have several terminals in iOS and Android, but I do not lend my colleagues because there is in all my digital identity. Windows 8 also has its flaws, but the devices that are designed natively team to move the hands of one individual to another, without having to share his personal space. " Other criteria for choosing the "traceability" of employees is also essential. Finally, development of Windows 8 is four times cheaper than on iOS. An important factor especially in times of crisis, as technological innovations are not a priority.
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Nexus 4: SFR incorporates the catalog by mid-December?

The Nexus 4 is the phone most acclaimed now. The Internet look carefully replenishing the shop after another sale in the USA. Today we learn through the site The Mobile Smartphone that comes with SFR in mid-December.

The Nexus 4 made ​​a brief appearance on the Google store. The Smartphone has been passed in a few hours. Indeed, SFR propose the new Google phone on its website, it will then be available in all stores within a few days. The exact release date of vague, but the phone is expected to enter December 11.

Nexus One 4 around December 11?

Exact prices have not yet been disclosed since SFR did not make any statements regarding the integration of Nexus 4 in its catalog. You should know that the operator has a long relationship with Google and Android. He was the first to market the Nexus offered by HTC and Samsung. These manufacturers have been replaced by LG for the fourth version of the Nexus. This highlights a fairly simple design with a screen of 4.7 inches (720 x 1280 pixels). The device is capable of recording 1080p HD video with 8 megapixel sensor. At the processor, the Nexus 4 works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quadruple heart at 1.5 GHz.

Regarding connectivity, the Nexus 4 offers Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, NFC chip, it is also compatible Dual Carrier. Store Play Google, replenishment versions 8 and 16 GB has not yet been disclosed. This weekend, the U.S. enjoyed a new store on sale U.S. Internet users now expect a similar fact for France. In all cases, customers will still run at SFR, which will offer the Nexus 4 in mid-December, however, if this information is confirmed.
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Sony pays 30 euros for the purchase of a PS3 and 50 euros for PS Vita

The holidays are approaching and Sony offers discount offers for the PS3 and PS Vita. To purchase a PS3 12 GB you can enjoy a rebate offer of € 30 This offer runs for a console purchased in single or bundle. All the details and terms of the offer on the coupon are available at this address.

For the PS Vita, Sony offers a reimbursement of 50 € or the console is WiFi only on 3G + Wifi console, this offer runs on a console bought in bundle or alone. All the details and terms of the offer on the coupon are available at this address. These offers refunds are available from 1 December and close on 31 December 2012.

Please note that as of 1 December 2012, the PlayStation Store will offer 12 promotions. Each will be available for a short period on the PlayStation Store before disappearing.

The first offering is a 90-day subscription to PS Plus for the price of € 9.99 against € 14.99 (offer expires December 7 at 23:59).
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The Christmas competition with 12 kills Nexus tablet to win. Among others.

Competitions on blogs is good, the competition to multiple blogs is even better, because as they say in the UMP, unity is strength.

This is the idea of Moderator , who, in association with Aliaz (reputation management on the internets) proposed twelve leading high-tech blogs [1] to associate without restraint to give you a Great Christmas Contest high-tech bloggers .

What does is that it is exactly? It is very simple:

The competition consists of 12 questions for the 12 months of the year. Each news has been treated by one of the 12 participating blogs, which allows the passage to be a small retrospective FREE important news of the year 2012, ie revise its web culture playing. To enter the draw, you will have to answer just 12 questions. To help you have a link that leads constituting an index whenever a ticket to one of the bloggers who have dealt with this theme.

To be sure that each blog can be a nice lot to win readers, there are actually two types of lottery:
  • A particular draw for each blog to win its readers a Google Nexus tablet 7 (it is managed in the database)
  • A draw general among the participants on all the blogs to win a voucher of € 1,000 and 50 VIP accounts aliaz.
To increase your chances of winning, so you can play on various blogs, which will enable you to participate in the various raffles Nexus 7, and will give you more chances for the other lots. You see how the mechanics of this contest is diabolically thought you turn on Loop 12 blogs participating until almost Christmas, yek yek yek.

You feel ready to tear everything to try to win one of the best tablets today? It is gone, and it goes directly below. Good luck, and do not forget to visit the other blogs to increase your odds of winning. For complete rules it is here (PDF).
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Happy Birthday SMS: Short Message Service celebrates 20 years

The SMS is the system used to communicate with others. This 20 th anniversary we are younger. Indeed, the first Short Message Service was sent for the first time on 3 December 1992.

SMS is still used in the field of telephony . It is fast, simple and offers a much more comfortable talking with new technologies. Although other services tend to compete, SMS is one of the most sought after by customers. The first SMS sent on 3 December 1992 was atypical Merry Christmas. He had been sent several days before Christmas on the Vodafone network with a computer. Since that day, which came in the history of phones, SMS and multiply this average will be heavily used at the end of the month. Texting is indeed the best way to wish a happy new year at midnight to everyone around her. Last year nearly 4000 billion SMS were sent all over the world. In 2012, the score should explode.

One billion SMS New Year

Today, SMS in all packages and operators offer unlimited formulas. Essentially the French use this mode of communication, you should know that each subscriber sends an average of 213 SMS per month. Two years ago, mobile users do not exceed 91 text messages per month. United States, SMS undergoes a decline since, for the first time in 10 years, a decline was seen by analysts.

In France, the decline would tend to draw. Indeed, other services are beginning to attract more consumers. These now use instant messaging as Facebook Messenger or BlackBerry Messenger. The SMS was still beautiful days ahead. At the end of the year, he will have the opportunity to blow up the statistics, this is a good time to send SMS as each year nearly one billion Textos are sent to loved ones with the famous phrase Happy New Year.
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Festicket, booking social music festivals

Festicket is a platform that should appeal to all festival goers and music lovers in general. After several months in beta, the site has recently launched its V1.

Start-up, launched last June and based in London, offers indeed a turnkey solution to book and attend music festivals around the globe. At the end of the year fresh, events more or less exotic are already available for booking: Day Zero Festival (Mexico), Snowboxx Festival (Andorra), Carnevale di Venezia (Italy) or Melt! Festival (Germany) ...

How does it work in practice? Simply visit the website and choose one of the events on sale now or in the future. Each event offers a detailed presentation with traditional video presentation, dates, photos, program with the artists (which you can listen with a nice integration Soundcloud), locate and hotels, recommendations and questions / answers.

It remains then to select a package that typically includes the ticket, accommodation and sometimes extras like breakfast or dinner, other events, etc.. Reservation is quick and easy and the price is attractive, everything is done in a few clicks with the "One click booking". As for the business model, start-up takes 20% commission on average over all elements of the package.

The platform, which has received very positive feedback from consumers, but also partners of the press, now attracts more than a thousand unique visitors per day and hopes to convince new investors to finalize a fundraiser.

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Wii U: Nintendo offers Warfare 2, Batman, Zombie Mario and U

The Wii U has finally arrived on the French market. The new Nintendo console should be under the Christmas tree. Some may have already cracked and bought this version pretty nice with this particular mablette.

Wii U differs from the previous version including the use of mablette. The latter is halfway between a tablet and a handle. Since 30 November, it has invaded the shelves of shops and Nintendo hopes to sell by the end of March nearly 7 million copies. The Japanese group also wants to sell video games that have been adapted for the occasion in this new version. Wii U is in war with the famous Black Ops 2. So Nintendo puts on his costume to attract Call of Duty fans of the genre. The group thinks attract many fans by focusing on games that have a card and are promising in terms of sales. So the Wii U offers the latest installment of Call of Duty, but not really mablette great interest. In multiplayer mode, it will only show the scores and the map.

Many games on Wii U

The new version of the Wii has a new controller and it is operated in Batman Arkham City. Once again, Nintendo hopes to ride on the success of The Dark Knight Rises film and its recent release on DVD, Blu-Ray to seduce the most fans of the genre. The atmosphere is dark and stand out titles that have emerged on Wii. Adventure enthusiasts will also enjoy the use of mablette since you may need it. Batman has many gadgets and you choose with this controller.

Zombie U is exclusive to Wii U and this album should appeal to all fans of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and others. As usual a strange virus spreads in London, people change and try to eat the player. It is advertised as the best game on the platform. The mablette also has a real purpose and becomes an essential accessory to evolve in the game of course a Nintendo can not leave without his overalls and red plumber. New Super Mario Bros. and U is adapted to the Wii U. Some will be disappointed because mablette not really useful solo, but it gets interesting when playing with others. Other games are also advertised on the Wii U, you can experience Mass Effect 3, Rayman Legends, Darksiders II, Assassin's Creed 3 , Ninja Gaiden 3 and many others.
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The Museum of Modern Art will host 14 games

"The video game is an art?". If you believe Wikipedia, art is "a human activity, the product of the activity or the idea that we are in fact deliberately targeting the senses, emotions and intellect". To meditate Still, the question does not leave indifferent and is a source of debate. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, he ruled, making the place at its premises in 14 tracks iconic geek culture.

The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York has announced on its website late last week that it has acquired 14 video games and they will be exposed from March. Others will follow, such as Space Invaders, The Legend of Zelda and even Street Fighter II. Tanks that rest assured, GTA is not (yet) compete to join the ranks of art. Here are the first games held:

Pac-Man (1980)
Tetris (1984)
Another World (1991)
Myst (1993)
SimCity two thousand (one thousand nine hundred ninety-four)
Vib-Ribbon (1999)
The Sims (2000)
Katamari Damacy (2004)
EVE Online (2003)
Dwarf Fortress (2006)
Portal (2007)
flOw (2006)
Passage (2008)
Canabalt (2009)

Through this choice, not only the MoMA says loud and clear that yes, video games can be considered art, but it also covers work as a "traditional". It examines and selects video games on specific criteria, such as aesthetics, of course, but also the architecture (ie, source code). In addition, in the same way that a painting or a film touches the recipient, the game is directly related to the player and the impact it has on it is another selection criterion.

Thus, the museum has endeavored to bring the games and consoles that come with it to offer its visitors to discover (or rediscover) these pearls videogame. Function of time that each game requires and state games collection, visitors will have access to limited or full versions (some of Tetris or Pacman requiring only a few minutes), using original or emulations.

These historic songs that invade the MoMA in New York in a dynamic acceptance of gaming as a true cultural object, whatever some irreducible. There are just over a year, the Grand Palais  hosted (with great success) the exhibition "Game Story". The originality of this time seems to be the permanent place that is reserved for the "10th art."
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Nexus 4: The new smartphone is available in the U.S.

The Nexus 4 is highly requested and replenishment should not last very long. The craze is so important that the smartphone in France has passed a few hours. Since then, the French expect replenishment.

Nexus 4 was available for sale on Google Play U.S.. The 8GB version was quickly out of stock, but apparently remain some models 16GB For cons, the delivery time is quite important since it takes between 6 and 7 weeks. The smartphone will not be under the tree. Nexus 4 had already been proposed across the Atlantic via a first replenishment that had passed in a few hours. Despite launching a few weeks ago, Google faces the same enthusiasm.

And France?

Demand is identical across the globe. You should know that the prices are very attractive because they are sold 299 and 349 euros for the 8GB and 16GB versions with a replenishment for the United States, the French could therefore expect a similar situation in a few days or weeks. Consumers will have to be patient because delivery for France should be identical if however Smartphone surfaced on Google Play French. Even if the unit is on sale again in the coming days, there are chances that the Nexus 4 is not under the Christmas tree.

The Mountain View company gives no indication on stocks Nexus 4. It is therefore difficult to know whether the smartphone is produced in sufficient quantities or if the limitation is voluntary sales. Several hypotheses circulating on the web, Google does perhaps not overshadow other smartphones running Android. For a Nexus 4 stay tuned, it might be coming in the next few days, fingers crossed that Google thinks.
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Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro: price, specifications and release date

After the launch and availability to the public a few weeks ago for Microsoft Surface tablets "hybrid" RT running Windows, Microsoft announced yesterday the details of the other part of its new range of tablets: the area with Windows 8 Pro.

While Surface RT running on an ARM processor, which limits its use particularly in terms of compatibility with most software "classic" Windows 8 Surface Pro is powered by a Intel Core i5 processor, which allows it provide a true Windows users, without particular limitation for compatible software.

Surface Windows 8 Pro is available in two versions, 64GB and 128GB $ 899 to $ 999. Both tablets will be equipped with a folding and removable keyboard, such as those we already know about the RT area. The screen is like ClearType with a full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080, and the unit has a USB 3.0 port. It is possible to connect to an external monitor of 2560 × 1440 with integrated port MiniDisplay.

The return of the revenge of the son of the stylus

Finally, another feature that does not exist on the surface RT, Surface Pro can be used with a stylus for taking notes freehand. I tested this feature during the first presentation of Windows 8 tablets to Los Angeles last year and I was seduced by this system works so amazingly effective and greater fluidity, while it was Yet a prototype test.

Of course, this feature is not without some drawbacks: the Surface "Pro" is heavy (1 kg instead of 680 g), more expensive, and has a range of two times smaller than the Windows Surface RT, according the very words of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface tablets with Windows 8 Pro will be available in France. Prices for the French market are not yet disclosed when I write this, and I am not going to do a conversion from risky dollar price when you know the very personal exchange rates What the major computer manufacturers ...
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Pac-Man: Tethys, a moon of Jupiter takes on the greedy

Pac Man is on Thetis, this information should smile all geeks worldwide. The scientists were surprised when they saw the shape of the character Wolverine on a moon of Jupiter.

Pac Man is a phenomenon that has through the decades. Today, available in several versions, greedy character enchants young and old alike. The concept is simple, it must travel through the maze without getting eaten by ghosts. Pac Man was this far on consoles , PCs and even smartphones . But it is exported to the moon of Jupiter called Tethys. The scientists were surprised to discover that this form appeared twice in the past two years. It is using the infrared spectrometer of the Cassini spacecraft they could make this discovery quite impressive. It is possible to determine with precision the contours of Pac Man.

Pac Man is on a moon

This phenomenon is called rare, but it had already been observed in 2010 on the surface of this moon of Jupiter. This portrait appeared with the change in temperature and this image is not trivial. According to scientists, this phenomenon is natural and come from the action of high-energy electrons. This creates a very compact ice tends to warm up slowly. Temperature differences were able to create an original line of Pac Man.

The lead author of the study, Howeet Carly says Find a second Pac-Man in the Saturn system tells us that the processes that create these Pac-Men are more widespread than previously thought. The Saturn system - and even the Jupiter system could prove to be a veritable gallery of these characters. Friends of Pac Man could therefore hide on planets.
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iPhone 5: Apple and Android dual becomes number 1 in the United States

The iPhone 5 has allowed Apple to regain the # 1 spot in the United States. Android has surpassed the Atlantic according to a study. Sales of phones were analyzed during the last 12 weeks.

In this study, the iPhone 5 has provided the first step of the podium at Apple in the United States. Today, Apple gets iOS with 48.1% market share, Android is still very close with 46.7%. The last time Google's system was overtaken by Apple, it was at the time of the launch of the iPhone 4S. Since Android was enthroned for several months at the first place. Analysts believe that the new iPhone will also allow Apple to get a percentage of market share record in the U.S., so it should exceed 49.3%. This trend is not widespread because the Google OS is the leader in Europe, today it represents 73.9% of sales in Germany and even 81.7% for Spain. But Apple highlights growth in several markets where its share reached 32.7% in the United Kingdom.

Difficulties in Europe

Analysts estimate that Apple has difficulties to win in Europe as more smartphones double the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 has achieved a very good performance and greatly exceeds the new terminal of Apple. Side of Italy, Microsoft is showing some growth with the Lumia range (610 and 800).

In the United States, this good performance is due to Apple's iPhone 5. The study indicates that the manufacturer has a real loyalty to the consumer level. 62% of people who already bought an iPhone the new model. Apple also recovered 13% of clients who were on Android and BlackBerry 6% came from.
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Wii U: 400,000 sales in a week in the United States and then ...

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo in North America, was on stage at E3 2012 to showcase the Wii U and now he announces that its sales for the first week of marketing.

It is far from the record sales of the PS2 on the first day of its release but sales of the Wii U however very good start in the United States. Are 400,000 of these consoles were sold in the space of a week. During this same week, Nintendo has sold more than 1.1 million consoles if we add the 3DS (250 000), DS (275,000) and the Wii (200,000).

Unclear how the console will be hosted in Europe and if sales continue at the same pace in North America. In its favor, Nintendo has the perfect timing with the holiday season, however if stocks are not depleted. Wii U also benefits from the lack of new consoles competing. Future Xbox could happen as early as 2013 (announced at E3 and available at year-end) as well as the PS4.

But if sales seem to go overseas, returns are mixed. As usual, Nintendo has not seen fit to equip the console with a powerful hardware (and even "horrible programming" and posting a developer on the processor). The first ports of existing games on PS3 and Xbox 360 revealed identical except worse ( Mass Effect 3 , for example) on both consoles output in 2005 (Xbox 360) and 2006 (PS3). Straw!

There is also the issue of storage: 8 GB on a console € 300, knowing that a portion is available for the user. In the same period of time, Nintendo states that games can be installed on an SD card and it is not recommended to install on USB storage devices! Remains the version with 32 GB which costs € 350!

Finally, the selling point is the GamePad, this tablet which is not one but acts as secondary display (streaming). Only the game ZombiU seems to operate correctly.

The use of GamePad seems disrupt the gaming experience that bringing the desired immersion. In addition, with a resolution of 854 by 480 feeble pixels (those far from our shelves and our smartphones) and an obligation to stay relatively close to the console, it failed to convince overseas.

It remains doubtful to face a console that was yet so much hope in it. Wii U tries to address gamers without providing more and leverages its franchises without renewal. Communication calamitous Japanese society since the announcement of the Wii U was so in tune with the limited interest of the console.

At the end of year (in early 2013), the surprises coming games on Xbox 360. It is believed the sublime Halo 4 for Xbox 343 for 360 Industries, the excellent Need For Speed: Most Wanted in Hitman Absolution , the highly anticipated Far Cry 3 and MGS Rising (early 2013). It is often in the old pots (PS3 and Xbox 360 here) that makes the best soup.

On Xbox 360, the application SmartGlass can replace (with different functions but must evolve) GamePad for the nominal sum of € 0 (the app is free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 ).
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The Galaxy Note II sells like hotcakes!

Despite a lawsuit over a billion dollars and the release of the iPhone 5, Samsung continues to panic sales statistics with its Galaxy range. In fact, the South Korean firm announced it had sold almost 5 million units of Galaxy Note II!

This unit 5.55-inch half-way between a smartphone and a tablet really sells like hotcakes: the phone manufacturer had already sold 3 million units in 24 days and 5 million units just 37 days after its launched.

Note that Samsung regularly publishes statistics on the number of units that were purchased by vendors and not end users. It is clear difficult to compare these figures with those of the latest iPhone, for example, even if they have the merit of an idea on sales of Samsung.

The firm predicts 20 million sales for the Galaxy Note II, more than double its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, which had passed the 10 million units in 9 months. One thing is certain: the best-selling brand is the Galaxy S III with 30 million units sold in 150 days.
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Galaxy Note 2: 5 million units sold in two months

Output end of September the Samsung device that sits between a smartphone and a tablet continues to sell very well. While Samsung announced at the beginning of 3 million units sold , it is now over 2 million announced by the Korean manufacturer.

Samsung is above 6 million Galaxy Note II passed by the end of the year, a goal that should be achieved if sales continue. It should also be much better than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note has surpassed 10 million units, a year after its launch.

As a reminder, Note II runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has a 5.5-inch screen (against 5.3 for the first score) Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 and a quadruple heart SoC 1.6 GHz ( 1.4 GHz dual heart against its predecessor).

The  Galaxy Note 2  will also have a version of Dual Sim from China on December 3 for a price of 5699 yuan, about 710 euros. However, no information regarding a release for Europe was transmitted.

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RIM launches BlackBerry Apps Challenge 10

Today, Monday, November 26, 2012, RIM launched the Blackberry 10 Android Challenge. Got an Android application? You can now turn it into a Blackberry application with one click and 10 and enter this contest.

BlackBerry 10 announced the comeback of RIM. This OS, which is scheduled for launch January 30, 2013, was announced as one of the best operating system market by developers who have tried it, thanks to its browser and ergonomic innovations made ​​to the navigation between applications.

RIM has created the runtime , a tool that transforms in one click your application in Android BlackBerry 10. If you created an Android app, simply submit and RIM will send you an application ready to be posted on BlackBerry App World. In addition to an application now available on millions of new smartphones and tablets, you can earn a promotion on the App World worth € 8000 and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

To register, is simple: just fill out the form available on the website dedicated to BlackBerry 10 Android Challenge before December 14. Online voting will take place in the following 14 to 17 December to elect the two best applications win highlighting and tablets offered by RIM.
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Windows 8: A "Start" menu hidden

Windows 8 is a number of paris Microsoft has dared to do. The interface "Modern UI" (previously called "Metro") is put forward to introduce the vignettes and the Windows App Store has passed the milestone of 20,000 apps.

The classic interface "office" is still present. But she is an orphan of the 'start' button. Willingness to Steven Sinofsky recently goodness outside the company, its absence (the button) still disturbs. However difficult to correlate with the difficult beginnings of Windows 8.

However, we discover a single click option that is present in a certain way. More precisely, it is a menu already present but less sophisticated Windows 7 (accessible in the same way) that is present. Microsoft has not hidden but has not really promoted. You can also access it from the desktop and Modern UI interfaces with the key combination Windows + X. The menu is very useful if you do not want to remember the myriad shortcuts Windows 8 or if you simply take your first steps on this new version.

But if you want to find the "Start" menu, be aware that many vendors offer solutions to install a version often free. Note that the startup Pokki that is easy to install and offers a plate a "Start" menu it is possible to customize.

A button missing from the official version of Windows 8 has not finished talking to him. There are whispers and Sinofsky party, the button could him back (on Windows 9?).

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iPhone 5S: A keynote scheduled for June 2013?

The iPhone 5S is now the subject of several rumors. Just weeks after the release of the iPhone 5, the sites already address the presentation of his successor. According to the latest information circulating a keynote would be held in June 2013.

The iPhone 5 is released, everyone knows its design, tests were performed while the eyes are now turning to the next version. The rumors on the web a few weeks after the official launch of the Apple smartphone. A first information was in this sense, it put forward the output to an iPhone 5S in 2013. Today is Digitimes who shares this data. A keynote will be organized in June 2013 to introduce the new Apple device. Rumors also mention the appearance of iPad 5th generation. This new tablet is presented along with the Smartphone. Of course all this information is currently rumors since Apple has absolutely no news about a possible device.

A Galaxy S4?

In all cases, the next iPhone is already in conversations enthusiasts. They expect an improvement of the iPhone 5, so it could be labeled as 5S happened to the 4 and 4S. Impossible to know what changes would be made ​​to this new product. The market is becoming increasingly competitive, the products multiplied over weeks. Rumors indicate the upcoming release of a Samsung Galaxy S4 proposed. The two enemies should therefore meet again in a competition of technologies in 2013, however, if the rumors are true.

Apple must also take into account the competition with Android which dominates the market. The Windows Phone 8 has a beautiful entry alongside the Lumia 920. Thus, Apple could make changes to iOS. Apple dominated the smartphone sector, but the arrival of the S3 completely upset the market. You should know that 3 e quarter of 2012, the phone Samsung has sold 18 million copies against 16.8 million for Apple.
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iPad mini: Samsung adds to its complaint with the iPad and iPod Touch 4

The iPad mini is added by Samsung to the list for violation of patents. Korean wants the procedure takes into account several devices, including the new tablet, the iPod Touch and iPad 4. The war continues.

Between Samsung and Apple, the patent war is declared for several months. With the latest launch, the two companies have updated their list for various violations made by the competitor. The appeal filed in June 2012 grows as Samsung wants to integrate the iPad mini and iPad 4, which were presented on October 24 during the second keynote. The digital music player, the iPod Touch is also covered by Korean. First addition was made in early October with the integration of the iPhone 5. The judge, Paul was asked Grewel could therefore allow Samsung to add these 3 products.

Endless war?

With regard to the complaint, it does not change. Indeed, Korean highlights the same technology patents and stated that Apple has infringed its intellectual property . In this war, the iPod Touch is targeted because of the volume indicator and the reference headphones. This conflict lasted for two years, a multitude of procedures have been completed and the war is growing over the months.

Samsung and Apple have released at the end of several products, so companies are updating their list according to different outputs. It is difficult to imagine that this situation could actually finish. This summer, the first bounce occurs with the heavy financial penalty aimed Samsung. He had decided to call, it will be December 6 to hear the verdict.
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Nexus 4: Be informed of its availability through this alert

The Nexus 4 is out of stock for several days. At launch, the store was robbed of Google in minutes. The Mountain View company has not indicated deadlines for replenishment, but this application is useful.

The Nexus 4 will soon integrate the Google store. The company has not communicated on this point, but a few days ago the Nexus 10 was replenished, the concept should be similar to the Smartphone. It is widely expected by consumers, it will be keen to get valuable model when making its appearance again on Google Play. This can be quite restrictive multiply return on the shop to see if the Nexus 4 is available. This application called Nexus 4 Stock Alert could therefore help future buyers to obtain one of the two models.


The application is available at no cost and the user can customize the alert. It weighs 133 kb and working from version 2.2 of Android. The method is very simple, the application makes every X minutes (configurable) and checks for the availability of your product. When the Nexus 4 is present on the Google store, the yellow star in the upper left of the screen appears. You should know that the application checks the availability of the smartphone in the store of your country.

Of users have already used this application. It has a rating of 3.9, nearly a fifty users have assigned a rating of 5 stars and a dozen have one star. Some have had problems with the installation, application greatly mobilize the battery. Others are excited about the application.
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Galaxy Note 2: China formalizes the Samsung Dual Sim variant

The Galaxy Note 2 will have a good version Dual Sim in the month of December. Several rumors have been circulating about it, Samsung China has formalized the launch of this variant for its Dual Sim Smartphone / tablet.

The Galaxy Note Smartphone 2 is the flagship of the firm with the Galaxy S3. Both mobile encounter a real success since their launch. The Chinese subsidiary of the manufacturer announced the launch of Dual Sim version had already been proposed on the canvas. Photos had circulated several weeks ago. Now it is no longer a rumor since China has formalized the Samsung GT variant N7 102. Several data were also transmitted, each card is compatible with 3G. The first proposes a standard format, while the second is a microSIM.

Similar characteristics

The Galaxy Note 2 is identical to the previous model. The users therefore benefit from a HD Super AMOLED 5.5 inch, SoC Exynos 4412, a quad heart at 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera sensor, the S Pen stylus ...

This variant will support the Dual-SIM GSM (805, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz) and WCDMA (850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz). By cons, no information about a launch for Europe has been transmitted. It will be available in China from December 3 to 5699 yuan price, about 710 euros. This concept should satisfy many users. Who must manage these two phones can combine the two lines on a single smartphone.

Leaked Picture

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Nexus 10 again available on Google Play

It will not take long for November 13 Nexus 10 stocks are exhausted. But it will finally took not wait too long either for the tablet to be ultra high resolution back on the online store of Google Play .

These are the two versions (16GB and 32GB) tablet which again are in stock at respective rates of 399 euros and 499 euros. At these prices there, Nexus 10 provides a resolution never before achieved by a tablet with 300 ppi (pixels per inch). It may indeed display 2560 by 1536 pixels on its screen 10,055 inches (report 16:10).

Produced by Samsung, it loads the latest SoC South Korean manufacturer. This is the Exynos 5250 Exynos family 5 Dual (found also in the last Samsung Chromebook stamped). It is characterized by a dual core processor with Cortex-A15 architecture clocked at 1.7 GHz and a graphics processor of the latest generation Mali T604.

It weighs only 605 grams, less than the iPad 4 (652 grams WiFi version). It is also the first and only (at the moment) tablet running Android 4.2, the latest version of Jelly Bean. The Nexus line has become a real alternative to iOS devices.

Can be expected in future versions of Nexus 10 with cellular connectivity. One can also think that the Nexus 4 will quickly (at least desired) make his return to the shop Play Google and other versions will follow: 32 GB versions, with support for 4G LTE and white variation.
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Task Manager launches applications Todoist iOS and Android

Todoist is a task manager radically minimalist but effective works on many substrates. In fact, the service launched five years ago now has its own mobile applications for iOS and Android, in addition to already available on the Web, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook and Thunderbird.

This free service allows you to manage an unlimited number of tasks and organize them into projects, while accessing the task manager while offline and saving everything in the cloud to provide synchronization between all devices day. The paid version offers including notes on tasks, system tags, access to iCalendar tasks, synchronization and permanent reminders via SMS or email notifications to the mobile ...

Web applications like mobile task manager offers login or register early with your Google Account. IOS and Android applications are a bit like the service: simple and functional, with good use native components of mobile OS.

While there are many free task managers, it has the merit of being clean and complete, and to be accessible everywhere. There are also Any.DO in the same genre quite minimalist.

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Link your account to your YouTube channel Google+

Google continues to enhance the integration of the social network in its various services, the search giant has indeed announced that all YouTube users can now, if they wish, to link their YouTube channel to their Google Account Plus.

I found this interesting news on my way to the video sharing site yesterday. Before even navigate the site or quietly watching a video, a window pops up and allows you to choose a better name on YouTube.

That is when two choices are available to you: the first is to link their YouTube channel to their account and thus replace Google Plus his nickname by his full name, and the second is simply to keep her nickname unchanged. If you choose the first option, YouTube will carry all the information about your Google Account Plus, as the full name and avatar, to integrate directly to your channel and videos.

If this amendment is perfect for one person, it does not work yet for brands. Google will provide the opportunity to link their YouTube channel to a Google Plus page in the coming weeks to address this.
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Windows 8 sales below expectations

According to Paul Thurrot, renowned blogger and specializes in Microsoft products, sales of Windows 8 would be disappointing. He mentions several ways to explain the lack of interest that would create the new operating system from Redmond.

We remember, there is little through Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer welcomed the very good start of Windows 8 with 4 million copies sold in 3 days. An encouraging result for Microsoft as Windows 8 sounds like a revolution for the firm with significant changes at the interface.

A very good start though!

But the joy was short-lived if we are to believe the blogger Paul Thurrot announcing that sales of Windows 8 would be disappointing, he claims to have its information from an internal source. If no data is encrypted and mentioned that Microsoft is careful not to comment on rumors, information made by this specialist are to be taken seriously and several tracks reinforce this trend.

Indeed, if the beginnings were delighted with the side of Redmond, it should be noted that they were not exceptional if we compare them with those of rival Apple had made ​​impressive score of 3 million downloads in four days with Mountain Lion. Our blogger Paul Thurrot, Microsoft would not be satisfied with the PC manufacturers who have not contributed to the success of the new OS in not offering interesting machines. This criticism its own partners could well be due to Microsoft's decision to launch its own tablet products with Surface example and the idea of a Windows PC would also be considered. On tablet sales area, Steve Ballmer has also recently raised in a modest sales interview in Paris before returning to the use of this term was used stating that " to qualify the supply and distribution Surface RT with Windows, which has in fact been made ​​available only on the website of online sale "" and in some Microsoft stores in the United States and Canada. "and adding" Although our approach has been modest, Steve Ballmer discusses the reception of the product that has been "fantastic", why it is also cited in the article that "soon we will present in more countries, more stores."

Real good start or just curious?

Clarification that occurs at the same time as the surprise departure of Steven Sinofsky, an important figure in the company since he was tipped as a possible successor to Steve Ballmer. Always about timing, P.Thurrot highlights the difficult economic context that accompanies the release of the new operating system, but an interesting reason can not explain the disappointment on the side of Microsoft. Indeed, it was found that the year 2012 was marked by an increase in sales of tablets, smartphones still panicking as counters instead of PC sales fell for the first time since 2001, the question of power purchase, if it is real can not explain the low sales of Windows 8 especially as it has for the first time with an attractive price.

Then comes the question of the operating system itself, if the new interface has deterred some, especially PC users fixed, we can wonder if Windows 8 brings added value that justifies a passage to it thereof. With Modern UI interface designed for touch devices and inspired by what we find on Windows Phone, it seems very difficult to convince users PC and laptops and businesses migrate to the new system. His biggest rival could also well be Windows 7, called his release from the "what should have been Vista", the system has attracted users and the machine restarted Windows, traumatized by the failure of the elder Vista. And if Microsoft used the same formula with Windows 8, to take the best of the previous system by adding some new features, we can not say that the system changes both in substance and in form.

Finally, also note the lack of clarity of the offer with the Microsoft Windows version of RT that offers no visual difference with a classic version of Windows 8 as they are two completely different OS, Windows RT is designed for ARM devices while Windows 8 is for PCs and tablets. During his test Microsoft Surface tablet RT, Eric had also highlighted the differences between the two systems.

Microsoft can he to win his bet with Windows 8? The question remains relevant nearly a month after the release of its new operating system, and the specter of a curse passed on two OS still hangs.
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