Microsoft Business Innovation Center: An accelerator for the adoption of new technologies

Technological complexity visible in our system of consumption is also found in communication between men. The emergence of this new platform, these intelligent devices of all kinds, is growing constantly and unrestrained. This "interactive" and "augmented" facilitates our daily personal and professional level uses. However, it remains difficult to digest this perpetual innovation, especially when it is not our core business.

This is where the Microsoft Services division that I had the pleasure to discover a few days there. This window on the future of the company is the ideal place to soak unpublished experiments, developed around Microsoft technologies to customers as diverse and varied Boulanger, Caliatys (Air Liquide) and Rexel. Directed by Carlo Purassanta and considered the heart of the innovation strategy of the firm of Redmond Business Innovation Center consists of 700 employees organized around three core businesses such as corporate strategy, consulting and support.

His first job is very architects and consultants support clients in the discovery phase of new technologies in the image of Windows 8 but also Kinect  or PixelSense . The idea is to demonstrate how they can add value to the company. Since its inception eight months ago, the division hosted 70 companies that have benefited each training sessions specific to their industry.

The second job, more operational, is to define architectures and help in the implementation of infrastructure project mode. Experiments with customers are ahead of the launch of Microsoft products and services. Beta versions work around thus enables business partners to be a pioneer in the adoption. Note that the 22 ongoing projects meet one of the four proposed themes, such as business efficiency, visualization and data mining, operational efficiency and finally all kinds of digital marketing issues such as animation communities.

The last job on it can simply be compared to an after-sales service and maintenance. Based on all the evidence of client companies, it appears clearly that this is the great strength of Microsoft.

According to the director of Microsoft Services met for the occasion, all of these activities in the context of current and future challenges of the business, like mobility, customer relationship, but also effective collaborative enterprise. The division has set the goal of helping small customers (20%) and large (80%) to increase productivity while supporting their growth and this by placing technological innovation at the heart of their business development. "Microsoft Business Innovation Center is an accelerator for the adoption of new technologies," sums up the director of ICBMs.

Microsoft confirms its supremacy in the B to B Indeed, Carlo Purassanta not worried about competition since he considers that his company is the only legitimate both to professionals and their targets, the general public. In the B to C have found products design and very important application catalogs that characterize foremost Apple and Android, but they are still struggling to win in business against Microsoft. On the other hand, there are experts in the B to B as Oracle or IBM, highly reliable, but expensive and inflexible. Microsoft would be the only company with a foot to the right and left.


The MIBK the particularity to work around each technology upstream of its "official" launch. His teams also work on Windows 8 last year with some clients. A is subject Purassanta Carlo finds that the interest of companies has increased significantly since September, the month in which the conference was held which was attended Build not less than 7000 developers.

I must say that technological change around Windows 8, offers great opportunities to optimize the working environment as the business development of the Company. The multi-monitor / multi-platform and single interface revolutionize the user experience, which opens new perspectives. To believe the statements of key stakeholders, Patrick Perret Boulanger and Raphael Mansuy of Caliatys, Microsoft finally responds to their aspirations. These companies feel the need to innovate internally for a long time, but the complexity inherent in the development of technological projects braked far their ambitions or did not allow them to accomplish this task without size constraints.

For Patrick Perret "It allows the development team to design a one-time application because it will then be automatically adapted to all platforms. This is very important because it optimizes the working time. " Raphael Mansuy tempers adding that "an application is not the same in the GUI when developing on a small or large form factor (screen size). '


Based on the new platform from Microsoft, the distributor Appliances has developed an application that allows its sellers (two stores at the moment) to showcase their products while supporting the customer on the shelves. The interactive catalog on tablet powered by Windows 8, allows sellers to search for products by keyword, using visual categories, but also access to available and browse the application in split screen ( Sliptscreen) for comparative simplified products. Beyond comfort for sales professionals, this application develops a more engaging experience with customers and amplifies the chances of converting them into customers. Patrick Perret, Director of Computer Studies Boulanger adds that the first returns are successful thanks to the intuitive handling.

Caliatys meanwhile, is one of the customers who had vowed to launch its application in iOS. By chance that its CEO Raphael Mansuy and the Microsoft Services met and eventually worked together. The prototype application on Windows 8 tablet presented for the occasion allows today to attend daily equipment maintenance technicians in the field hospital.

Made in two days, the first prototype was presented to clients within one week later. Evidence that the technology can be quick and easy to develop.

In short, despite competition from Google and Apple, Microsoft remains the preferred partner in the business. Raphael Mansuy considers that the great advantage of Windows 8 over Android and iOS, is none other than security, which already characterized the previous OS of the firm. "I have several terminals in iOS and Android, but I do not lend my colleagues because there is in all my digital identity. Windows 8 also has its flaws, but the devices that are designed natively team to move the hands of one individual to another, without having to share his personal space. " Other criteria for choosing the "traceability" of employees is also essential. Finally, development of Windows 8 is four times cheaper than on iOS. An important factor especially in times of crisis, as technological innovations are not a priority.
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