The Christmas competition with 12 kills Nexus tablet to win. Among others.

Competitions on blogs is good, the competition to multiple blogs is even better, because as they say in the UMP, unity is strength.

This is the idea of Moderator , who, in association with Aliaz (reputation management on the internets) proposed twelve leading high-tech blogs [1] to associate without restraint to give you a Great Christmas Contest high-tech bloggers .

What does is that it is exactly? It is very simple:

The competition consists of 12 questions for the 12 months of the year. Each news has been treated by one of the 12 participating blogs, which allows the passage to be a small retrospective FREE important news of the year 2012, ie revise its web culture playing. To enter the draw, you will have to answer just 12 questions. To help you have a link that leads constituting an index whenever a ticket to one of the bloggers who have dealt with this theme.

To be sure that each blog can be a nice lot to win readers, there are actually two types of lottery:
  • A particular draw for each blog to win its readers a Google Nexus tablet 7 (it is managed in the database)
  • A draw general among the participants on all the blogs to win a voucher of € 1,000 and 50 VIP accounts aliaz.
To increase your chances of winning, so you can play on various blogs, which will enable you to participate in the various raffles Nexus 7, and will give you more chances for the other lots. You see how the mechanics of this contest is diabolically thought you turn on Loop 12 blogs participating until almost Christmas, yek yek yek.

You feel ready to tear everything to try to win one of the best tablets today? It is gone, and it goes directly below. Good luck, and do not forget to visit the other blogs to increase your odds of winning. For complete rules it is here (PDF).
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