Wii U: Nintendo offers Warfare 2, Batman, Zombie Mario and U

The Wii U has finally arrived on the French market. The new Nintendo console should be under the Christmas tree. Some may have already cracked and bought this version pretty nice with this particular mablette.

Wii U differs from the previous version including the use of mablette. The latter is halfway between a tablet and a handle. Since 30 November, it has invaded the shelves of shops and Nintendo hopes to sell by the end of March nearly 7 million copies. The Japanese group also wants to sell video games that have been adapted for the occasion in this new version. Wii U is in war with the famous Black Ops 2. So Nintendo puts on his costume to attract Call of Duty fans of the genre. The group thinks attract many fans by focusing on games that have a card and are promising in terms of sales. So the Wii U offers the latest installment of Call of Duty, but not really mablette great interest. In multiplayer mode, it will only show the scores and the map.

Many games on Wii U

The new version of the Wii has a new controller and it is operated in Batman Arkham City. Once again, Nintendo hopes to ride on the success of The Dark Knight Rises film and its recent release on DVD, Blu-Ray to seduce the most fans of the genre. The atmosphere is dark and stand out titles that have emerged on Wii. Adventure enthusiasts will also enjoy the use of mablette since you may need it. Batman has many gadgets and you choose with this controller.

Zombie U is exclusive to Wii U and this album should appeal to all fans of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and others. As usual a strange virus spreads in London, people change and try to eat the player. It is advertised as the best game on the platform. The mablette also has a real purpose and becomes an essential accessory to evolve in the game of course a Nintendo can not leave without his overalls and red plumber. New Super Mario Bros. and U is adapted to the Wii U. Some will be disappointed because mablette not really useful solo, but it gets interesting when playing with others. Other games are also advertised on the Wii U, you can experience Mass Effect 3, Rayman Legends, Darksiders II, Assassin's Creed 3 , Ninja Gaiden 3 and many others.
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