Pac-Man: Tethys, a moon of Jupiter takes on the greedy

Pac Man is on Thetis, this information should smile all geeks worldwide. The scientists were surprised when they saw the shape of the character Wolverine on a moon of Jupiter.

Pac Man is a phenomenon that has through the decades. Today, available in several versions, greedy character enchants young and old alike. The concept is simple, it must travel through the maze without getting eaten by ghosts. Pac Man was this far on consoles , PCs and even smartphones . But it is exported to the moon of Jupiter called Tethys. The scientists were surprised to discover that this form appeared twice in the past two years. It is using the infrared spectrometer of the Cassini spacecraft they could make this discovery quite impressive. It is possible to determine with precision the contours of Pac Man.

Pac Man is on a moon

This phenomenon is called rare, but it had already been observed in 2010 on the surface of this moon of Jupiter. This portrait appeared with the change in temperature and this image is not trivial. According to scientists, this phenomenon is natural and come from the action of high-energy electrons. This creates a very compact ice tends to warm up slowly. Temperature differences were able to create an original line of Pac Man.

The lead author of the study, Howeet Carly says Find a second Pac-Man in the Saturn system tells us that the processes that create these Pac-Men are more widespread than previously thought. The Saturn system - and even the Jupiter system could prove to be a veritable gallery of these characters. Friends of Pac Man could therefore hide on planets.
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