Back pixelated Nexus 4 on your Android device

Google has clearly redefined fee schedules shelves with the launch of the Nexus thundering 7 (Amazon had also been there with the Kindle Fire and more recently the Kindle Fire HD). Google could do more in the area of mobility? Google's response: launch a high-end smartphone at the price of a mid-range model (and a shelf 10 inches with a higher resolution than the iPad 3 and 4 to 100 € less).

The Mountain View company has, however, taken the foot in the carpet with mismanagement of the launch of Nexus 4 and 10. Triumph, it has turned into frustration for many potential buyers of Nexus 4, they were lured by the smell of processor cores "Krait" signed Qualcomm (for Nexus 4) or Exynos Dual 5 of 10 Nexus and Android 4.2, promises including 360 degree panoramic pictures.

That's all we'll realize in our test Nexus 4. If you need 24 minutes to the world to sell a stock over Nexus 4 (and Nexus 10), it is a little more time is needed to complete his full test and report on all aspects of terminal.

In the meantime, it will not have escaped you and it is also one of the attractions and the singularities of the Nexus 4: pixelated or her back rather stellar bring us closer to our last article. Composed of hundreds of small pixels, it appears differently according to the light. It also gives a sense of depth rather special.

The Nexus 4 is no longer available on the online store of Google Play. shortage real or outcry from other manufacturers (including LG who will struggle to sell its Optimus G, this close cousin of the Nexus 4) because a price too aggressive (where rethinking the outcry of French mobile phone operators in the announcement of the fee schedule free mobile), is it always a loaf is better than two in the bush.

So here (all for it) the animated wallpaper with the image of the back of the Nexus 4. And as a new Nexus terminal is routinely accompanied by a new version of Android (Android here 4.2) and new wallpapers, here 'Wave Nexus', one of wallpapers available on Nexus 4 and 10.
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