Windows 8 and Windows RT: Some critical and Important Vulnerabilities Identified

Windows 8 and Windows RT experiencing their first problems. Several critical vulnerabilities were found on the new systems. Microsoft has been forced to submit patches. They will be available on November 13.

Windows 8 and Windows RT was officially launched on October 26. In less than a month, two new systems are already experiencing problems faults. Before the revelation of the two OS, many analysts declared that the two platforms were launched with flaws and bugs. A controversy had circulated so quickly because Microsoft decided to launch despite the presence of problems. This situation occurs then a month after the arrival of Windows 8 and RT. Starting next week, a series of patches will be available to users via the famous Patch Tuesday. Three bulletins will fix critical flaws in Windows 8 because vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely.

Six bulletins from November 13

RT Windows is used on the tablet of Microsoft. Surface is not immune to security problems since two holes to be filled. According to the latest information, one is called critical and the other important. In this Patch Tuesday, Windows operating systems are not the only ones affected by this wave of patches. Microsoft will also have the opportunity to solve the problem of Internet Explorer. The latter is affected by an attack called Drive By, it can thus execute malicious code via a web page. A situation that may be problematic for the users browser.

Office will also be involved (versions 2003, 2007, 2010). From November 13, six security bulletins will be able to fill 19 issues. The announcement comes a week after the announcement of Vupen. The company had found a flaw in Internet Explorer zero-day and Windows 8. This may seem problematic, since both OS have been launched there less than a month, but the director of security operations at nCircle, Andrew Storm is reassured "I'd be more worried if they did not the corrections from the beginning. But we all know that bugs exist, but for the latest software." By cons, other researchers believe that these patches are quite surprising, they were expecting a little more secure OS.
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