Windows 8 sales below expectations

According to Paul Thurrot, renowned blogger and specializes in Microsoft products, sales of Windows 8 would be disappointing. He mentions several ways to explain the lack of interest that would create the new operating system from Redmond.

We remember, there is little through Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer welcomed the very good start of Windows 8 with 4 million copies sold in 3 days. An encouraging result for Microsoft as Windows 8 sounds like a revolution for the firm with significant changes at the interface.

A very good start though!

But the joy was short-lived if we are to believe the blogger Paul Thurrot announcing that sales of Windows 8 would be disappointing, he claims to have its information from an internal source. If no data is encrypted and mentioned that Microsoft is careful not to comment on rumors, information made by this specialist are to be taken seriously and several tracks reinforce this trend.

Indeed, if the beginnings were delighted with the side of Redmond, it should be noted that they were not exceptional if we compare them with those of rival Apple had made ​​impressive score of 3 million downloads in four days with Mountain Lion. Our blogger Paul Thurrot, Microsoft would not be satisfied with the PC manufacturers who have not contributed to the success of the new OS in not offering interesting machines. This criticism its own partners could well be due to Microsoft's decision to launch its own tablet products with Surface example and the idea of a Windows PC would also be considered. On tablet sales area, Steve Ballmer has also recently raised in a modest sales interview in Paris before returning to the use of this term was used stating that " to qualify the supply and distribution Surface RT with Windows, which has in fact been made ​​available only on the website of online sale "" and in some Microsoft stores in the United States and Canada. "and adding" Although our approach has been modest, Steve Ballmer discusses the reception of the product that has been "fantastic", why it is also cited in the article that "soon we will present in more countries, more stores."

Real good start or just curious?

Clarification that occurs at the same time as the surprise departure of Steven Sinofsky, an important figure in the company since he was tipped as a possible successor to Steve Ballmer. Always about timing, P.Thurrot highlights the difficult economic context that accompanies the release of the new operating system, but an interesting reason can not explain the disappointment on the side of Microsoft. Indeed, it was found that the year 2012 was marked by an increase in sales of tablets, smartphones still panicking as counters instead of PC sales fell for the first time since 2001, the question of power purchase, if it is real can not explain the low sales of Windows 8 especially as it has for the first time with an attractive price.

Then comes the question of the operating system itself, if the new interface has deterred some, especially PC users fixed, we can wonder if Windows 8 brings added value that justifies a passage to it thereof. With Modern UI interface designed for touch devices and inspired by what we find on Windows Phone, it seems very difficult to convince users PC and laptops and businesses migrate to the new system. His biggest rival could also well be Windows 7, called his release from the "what should have been Vista", the system has attracted users and the machine restarted Windows, traumatized by the failure of the elder Vista. And if Microsoft used the same formula with Windows 8, to take the best of the previous system by adding some new features, we can not say that the system changes both in substance and in form.

Finally, also note the lack of clarity of the offer with the Microsoft Windows version of RT that offers no visual difference with a classic version of Windows 8 as they are two completely different OS, Windows RT is designed for ARM devices while Windows 8 is for PCs and tablets. During his test Microsoft Surface tablet RT, Eric had also highlighted the differences between the two systems.

Microsoft can he to win his bet with Windows 8? The question remains relevant nearly a month after the release of its new operating system, and the specter of a curse passed on two OS still hangs.
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