Nokia Lumia 920: The demand is incredibly strong

The Nokia Lumia 920 meets an incredible success since many stock-outs are announced. Operators were surprised to see the enthusiasm for this first Smartphone Windows Phone 8.

Nokia Lumia 920 arrives at operators side of France. For several weeks, the mobile is also proposed by Phone House. In some countries, Nokia is facing a huge demand. Testra Australia was surprised to see how much enthusiasm was strong. The figures for the moment are not reported, so it is difficult to identify a trend, but the success may be very strong given the excitement generated by the fans. The operator believes that the Lumia 920 smartphone that will allow the Finnish manufacturer to resurface in the mobile world. It is via the Twitter account that release "Due to high demand, the stock Nokia Lumia 920 pre-order is exhausted. Some stores will have a limited stock from November 27."

Incredible demand

Customers have made ​​a few complaints to the operator. The latter was forced to admit that he had underestimated the demand that is currently "more as incredible." In Germany, the trend is also similar. Nokia said it had received several reports from retailers. The latter believe that stocks will not be sufficient to meet consumer demand. The manufacturer would have set up an investigation to try to estimate the number of copies available.

The Nokia Lumia 920 was announced as an amazing product, it had also caused a sensation when it was introduced. We therefore consider two cases, Nokia has not been able to anticipate sales and stocks are very limited and so the demand is really important and the manufacturer is struggling to keep pace. The second solution is indicated by Nokia, Windows Phone 8 is widely acclaimed and could if the trend continues or increases, disrupt the market for iOS and Android.
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