Wii U: Unpacking console information and Self

The Wii U will make its appearance in the world of consoles in a few days. CEO proposes a Nintendo console unpacking for 5 minutes. The autonomy of the GamePad is revealed as well.

Wii U will be appear in the U.S. on 18 November. A few days after his arrival, an information interesting enough circulating on the web. It concerns the autonomy of the GamePad. This is quite specific because it is halfway between a controller and a tablet, it has earned the nickname mablette. Autonomy will be 5:00 and 2:30 it will take to get a full charge. Its touch screen is the cause of the fall of autonomy appears quite low. Players will still opportunity to switch to the Controller Controller Pro which has a battery life of 80 hours, it will be fully charged in 4:30.

The information has been provided by the site IGN is the editorial director of the section supports Nintendo revealed this information on his Twitter account. GamePad battery will also be reduced to 70% of its capacity after 500 charges. Players can still change the battery themselves.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Nintendo, Saturo Itawa makes a display of the console. Equipped with white gloves, he invites you to discover inside the box.

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