Nexus 4 and 10: out of stock or issue orders online?

It is always difficult to tell if a stock indicates a real success. This of course depends on the amount of devices that have been sold.

Still, it did not take long for the stock Nexus 4 runs. Ditto for the Nexus tablet 10 which compete with the iPad 4th generation. The version with 16 GB of internal memory, however, was still available (€ 399) a few hours ago while the version with 32 GB (€ 499) seems to have aroused more interest.

Nexus smartphone 4 specification has high fly that make it comparable to more expensive smartphones sometimes even after grant of mobile operators. It features a Snapdragon S4 SoC Qualcomm APQ8064 Pro integrates a processor with four cores clocked at 1.5 GHz Krait and 2 GB of RAM LPDDR2.

Its purchaser will receive Android 4.2, the new flavor of Jelly Bean, which introduces several novelties: Google Camera Sphere to make 360 ​​degree panoramas (it is possible to share in Google+ and Google Maps), the multi-user account to share a terminal (within a family, for example), a new keyboard ...

Nexus tablet 10 has also been very successful. Google, in partnership with Samsung, has focused on a screen high resolution display 2560 by 1600 pixels (or 300 dpi) and SoC characterized by a dual-core processor with Cortex-A15 architecture. This is the latest SoC Exynos Dual 5 (specifically the 5250 also found in the last Chromebook Samsung). The only downside may come towards autonomy with battery 9000 mAh 42.5 Wh against (or 11,486 mAh since it provides 3.7 volts) for the iPad 4.

An introduction to Google Play demonstrates that Google has become a major player in the mobility sector. We already knew that this is the software with its Android mobile OS but it is now proven hardware with the Nexus range of tablets and smartphones. Nexus brand has won acclaim and the hearts of consumers since the Galaxy Nexus but especially since the tablet Nexus 7.

It is possible to specify a field on the shop Play Google to be notified when this product is available again. However, some users explain that on several occasions, the Nexus 4 is changed from "available" to "unavailable". The giant Internet search might indeed have had problems ordering online. We'll know quickly if produced again readily available on the online store of Google Play.
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