Patents: HTC and Apple bury the hatchet for 10 years

HTC and Apple put an end to the war of patents. Since Saturday, the two manufacturers have reached an agreement to amicably resolve their differences. They also signed an agreement for 10 years. They can not attack during this period.

HTC and Apple were at war for several months because of patents. In the United States, many issues mentioned prosecution for violation of intellectual property. The outcome was therefore surprising since the two companies have reached an agreement amicably. Peter Chou and Tim Cook are pleased to have found a solution. This information made ​​public through a press release explains that the two companies   have reached a comprehensive agreement that includes the dismissal of all pending lawsuits and licensing agreement for a period of ten years.

HTC changes its mind

Only an amicable agreement between the two manufacturers has been mentioned. Financial terms were not disclosed. This conflict was quite old, Apple and HTC were at war for more than two years. The Cupertino company filed a complaint at the time for violating ten patents of its Smartphone , HTC then responded to a complaint stating the violation of five patents. On American soil, Apple had managed to delay the launch of One X and Evo 4G LTE. HTC did not stop at this stage, the company had to turn wished to ban iDevices. This summer, the leaders declared a settlement agreement was not considered with Apple.

The situation has evolved and HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple and HTC will focus on innovation rather than on the prosecution. For its part, Timm Cook, Apple boss also expressed his feelings, We are pleased to have reached an agreement, we remain focused on innovative products. The site The Verge questioned a spokesman for HTC. It indicates that the license agreement will not  significantly adverse impact on the finances of the company. You should know that the company had capacity resistances considered quite low. The results were not at the rendezvous and mobile account for only 4% of sales.
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