Windows 8: A "Start" menu hidden

Windows 8 is a number of paris Microsoft has dared to do. The interface "Modern UI" (previously called "Metro") is put forward to introduce the vignettes and the Windows App Store has passed the milestone of 20,000 apps.

The classic interface "office" is still present. But she is an orphan of the 'start' button. Willingness to Steven Sinofsky recently goodness outside the company, its absence (the button) still disturbs. However difficult to correlate with the difficult beginnings of Windows 8.

However, we discover a single click option that is present in a certain way. More precisely, it is a menu already present but less sophisticated Windows 7 (accessible in the same way) that is present. Microsoft has not hidden but has not really promoted. You can also access it from the desktop and Modern UI interfaces with the key combination Windows + X. The menu is very useful if you do not want to remember the myriad shortcuts Windows 8 or if you simply take your first steps on this new version.

But if you want to find the "Start" menu, be aware that many vendors offer solutions to install a version often free. Note that the startup Pokki that is easy to install and offers a plate a "Start" menu it is possible to customize.

A button missing from the official version of Windows 8 has not finished talking to him. There are whispers and Sinofsky party, the button could him back (on Windows 9?).

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