Nexus 7: Google offers 50 euros to owners of the 16 GB

The Nexus 7 has been available in several versions. Those who had bought the 16 GB a few days before the release of the 32 GB were somewhat exceeded. Indeed, for the same price, they would have a storage capacity greater, Google has decided to do something under certain conditions.

The Nexus 7 new version made ​​its appearance on October 29 alongside the Nexus Nexus 4 and 10. Google has made ​​a change in the price since it was sold 249 euros (16 GB) is increased to 199 euros, the new model (32 GB) was sold at 249 euros. Google has decided to donate 50 euros under certain conditions. The customer must have purchased the tablet (16 GB) on Google Play and up to 15 days before the sale of the new version. To take advantage of this offer, you must have purchased your shelf between 14 and 28 October. If both conditions are met, Google will pay you 50 euros.

You should know that the Nexus 7 8GB is not affected by this since the model has disappeared from the catalog. Customers of this version are injured and have nothing in compensation. This formula applies to all products purchased from the Google store. In the general conditions of sale, the customer can read the section entitled   Policy of protection of price on Google Play.  The company agrees to pay the difference in price if the consumer has purchased the product in the online store and the price has dropped.
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