MacBook Pro: Transform your mobile with a wooden keyboard

The MacBook keyboard can be completely transformed with wooden keys. An original concept will not appeal to everyone, but still pretty nice. The set is quite elegant and harmonizes with the rest of the laptop.

The MacBook Pro can have a new keyboard with Lazerwood. This original concept is compliant with all MacBook Pro models. Apparently, the change requires some precautions. The result is amazing, but it requires patience. Symbols and characters have been made ​​with a laser to provide a great accuracy. The keys are made ​​with walnut or cherry wood.

Each key has an adhesive layer on the rear face. The set is solid, but this concept may well be removed if the owner of the MacBook Pro wants to get rid of.

For this report, it will cost $ 40. You can also choose between walnut and cherry wood. So what do you think?

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