Microsoft Surface: HP finds no advantage to the tablet

The Microsoft Surface is not appreciated by HP Todd Bradley as somewhat scratched the tablet. The boss's PC division finds no advantage to the device and it can not be considered the competition.

Todd Bradley has been interview by IDG Enterprise. In this interview, the head of HP's PC division has not chosen his words to evoke the tablet. At first, he attacked the distribution is really limited then embarked on an inventory of negative points presented by the tablet. The latter is according to him a little slow and inelegant "when you use it ... It is expensive. Overall, the press gave more importance to space the rest of the world." These words are still unusual, you should know that HP is one of the main partners of the firm of Redmond. In addition, the manufacturer does not offer consumer tablet today would have the opportunity to compete Surface.

Todd Bradley believes that the manufacturer did not intend to invest in the tablet market for the moment "we will not get some time on the segment of consumer tablets. We'll do next year, and you will not see HP multimedia tablet this Christmas."

Currently, HP prefers to focus on its tablet for professionals called HP ElitePad. A few months ago, HP still had launched TouchPad, a device that would compete with the iPad. The success was relative. The latest models were sold on the eBay store.
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