Facebook: The couple will have a special page with their news

Facebook already includes couples in profile pages. The users can learn their status, but the social network goes even further. When a loved one is mentioned, a special page will be created for the couple.

Facebook page offers a Couple. The latter does not correspond to an account. The social network just gather the information on this page for two people. This concept would be available very soon in France according to the company. The information will be different then displayed in a diary. Visitors will be able to view videos, pictures or articles of two people when their names are displayed. Currently, the data are pretty thin on this concept. We can ask ourselves if this page is automatically created when the status informed, will he the agreement of both partners or only one? A concept that can be quite confrontational causing many problems within a couple.

Privacy issue?

Currently, users can inform their relationship, but the partner receives a notification. It must be accepted that the word appears. Special page torque may follow the same operation. Another looks much more complex. These data confidentiality, hoping that Facebook takes steps to set the page torque.

Otherwise, the paper brings together lots of information about both partners could be made ​​public, which would be a real problem of confidentiality. Apparently, the company Mark Zuckerberg said it would be possible to control everything that is published. It will require patience to get more details on this new Facebook page which is already available in the United States.
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