Nexus 4: Stocks totally exhausted in a few hours

The Nexus 4 encounters a phenomenal success since the Google smartphone is already out of stock. The new model has widely attracted consumers who flocked to the store to buy the Nexus 4-299 euros.

Nexus 4 has made ​​a sensational debut in the field of smartphones. Only it was sold as the number of remaining models paraded at full speed. Do not try to go on Google Play, Nexus 4 is out of stock in 8GB and 16GB On the online store, there are no data on supply, you can only read "Retry soon." Designed by LG, the handset has the latest version of Android 4.2 and its price may also explain this craze. Nexus 4 is proposed € 299 (8GB) and 349 euros (16 GB). A rate that greatly attracted customers. The social network Google+, the Nexus team tells users"  There is so much interest in the new Nexus line that we have exhausted our initial stocks in several countries."

Visitors wishing to acquire the Nexus 4 must be patient. Smartphones on the market, the last unit of Google came face to iPhone 5 (679 euros excluding subscriptions) Galaxy S3 (around 500 euros without package) and the latest range of Nokia Lumia, the 920. The latter is considered the flagship of the manufacturer, it is sold 649 euros.

When Google enters the market with a Smartphone to 299 euros, eyes automatically turned to this device that has "a material at the forefront of the technological e "together" best of Google." If you want to buy the Nexus 4 must wait no current information regarding the replenishment is indicated at the store.
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