Microsoft prepare the launch of three new tablets for 2013

The Redmond company is currently preparing three new generations of the tablet space, including the launch should take place in 2013.

This is the informant (usually quite reliable) announced yesterday that since his account Twitter by posting three messages 140 characters in the format:

"There will be a surface RT 2, equipped with a 8.6 inch screen and with a Qualcomm processor, in contrast with the Tegra 3 currently integrated in the RT area."

"Surface Pro will be updated with a 11.6-inch screen and abandon it on the Intel Core i5 processor for AMD APU" Temash "which will be released soon."

"There will be a third area called" Living Book "with a 14.6 inch screen and an Intel Haswell 22nm."

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's current CEO, recently announced to its shareholders that the firm never leave the hardware itself as an obstacle against its need for innovation, recognizing the way that Microsoft had already arrived very late on the ground mobile (especially the shelves).

The desire to extend Microsoft as soon its range of tablets to - go, dare we say - catch up is understandable especially when we know that since these products is that its users will enjoy fully its new OS and interface dedicated to it.

Remains to be seen to what period of the year 2013 these new tablets will point the tip of their nose, because in view of the battle taking place for some time between giants Apple, Google and Amazon each month to the risk of lost coming into operation of these new products more difficult for Microsoft.
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