Get expert help making your next PowerPoint presentation pop

There's nothing worse than a boring PowerPoint presentation. Here are some pointers from the pros to make your next one a hit.

The first thing that should go into any production, regardless of the audience, is passion. If you don't have enthusiasm for your subject, they probably won't either. It's a good idea to keep your images and text simple and uncluttered. Use professional photos and clip art that is readily available for free at many websites, and limit text to six words or less per slide. Images should be sharp and relevant to the subject matter. Find music and sound effects from CDs or MP3s that will engage and provide enjoyment.

As for the length of your presentation, remember to keep it concise and interesting. A good rule is the 10/20/30 rule, which stipulates that you should keep the number of slides to 10 or less, the length of your presentation to 20 minutes or less, and the font size at around a 30-point font for better viewing.

Making a dynamic presentation can be summed up with the acronym SLIDE, created by communication expert Nancy Duarte:

Lose the cliches
Information needs emphasis
Designate elements
Empathy for your audience

People often go into a PowerPoint presentation expecting the same old thing. Surprise them and you can provide them with a visual that's memorable and engaging. Visit a site like eSlide to get expert help making your next PowerPoint presentation pop.
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