BlackBerry 10: Presentation of the new new BlackBerry OS

When the BlackBerry Jam, dedicated developers conference that took place this week in San Jose, RIM unveiled the new features of the new version of its mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10.

From my side I have had the opportunity to attend a presentation and demonstration of some of the new RIM BlackBerry 10 in France.

The Canadian firm is listening to developers and actively working for months to propose a new stable platform and open to its 80 million users around the globe.

You should know that it is possible to develop applications on BlackBerry 10 Native (C, C + +), HTML 5, Adobe AIR or Flash, and do not forget Accounting Android.

New in BlackBerry 10

Instead of displaying a grid applications on the home screen, the new platform is the latest in display applications running under dynamic thumbnail but the full list of applications is easily accessible.

In place of the famous "Home" button found on the major mobile operating systems, BlackBerry offers an alternative called Flow. By simple gestures with fingers, for example, can view notifications without leaving the current application view messages without leaving the notifications and return to the home screen.

The Hub, meanwhile, includes all SMS, BBM, emails, messages on social networks and even events in a single application. Contact management is intuitive, you can easily find the information for a contact, the latest news on the company and its work flow.

In addition, the keyboard has a predictive text works in several languages. Basically, it learns according to what you type and function of messages on social networks (if you make mistakes, it will tend to take!).

The browser, which has undergone a facelift, is much faster and fully compatible with HTML 5. Score of 465/500 HTML5Test demonstrated, while Chrome is a score of 371.

The company has not forgotten most professionals as a system called Libra makes it possible to move from one environment to professional staff and each environment has its applications and data. Finally, the work environment, encrypted remote can be deleted if you leave the employer without such personal environment moves.

Future BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry should come first full touchscreen smartphone with a screen greater than four inches and a front camera, and then a smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Specifications for future phones should be similar to those of Development phone (the one you see in the photos), but the design should be radically different.

These are of course a part of the new BlackBerry 10 because the firm wants to keep things on hand for the coming weeks.
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