The Country Most Active on Twitter is China

China is one of the most powerful and populous in the world, it is not uncommon that the country holds leading positions in all kinds of lists. A new study reveals that China is the most active country on Twitter ... while the social network is blocked in this country!

For over three years now, the social network is indeed inaccessible to the average user but can be reached with various tools such as VPN that can pass the firewall. Finally, some third party services are not (yet) blocked by the government and can therefore easily post on Twitter.

According to this study Emarketer, based on figures from GlobalWebIndex dated 11 September 2012, China has more than 35.5 million active users, followed by India with 33 million and the U.S. with 22.9 million. At European level, the most active countries are the United Kingdom with 6.6 million, Spain with 5 million, Italy with 3.1 million, Germany with 2.4 million and France with 2.2 million.

GlobalWebIndex estimated that there are approximately 124 million users who have posted on Twitter during the quarter and 262 million users can be considered active. On Facebook , the numbers are higher: 400 million users have posted on the social network during the same period and 653 million are active users.
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