LIFX, Intelligent bulb Connected to Your Smartphone

LIFX, "the smartest bulb in the world" as its creators describe, is ambitious and promises many customization possibilities for big savings with a simple swipe of a finger.

Her name LIFX and Phil is Bosua, assisted by a group of boys (Andrew Birt, Andy GELME John Bosua Ben Hamey, Dave Evans and Guy King), who is at the origin. During six months, the team has designed, developed and tested for their project finally propose to participatory financing (crowdfunding) on Kickstarter . Their goal was to raise $ 100,000 and will be reached in just a day. At the time of this writing, the project has attracted more than 1.3 million. Knowing that LIFX will remain 50 days Kickstarter, its creator are right to feel grow wings and see, perhaps, their baby beat the record Ouya , who had met 4 million.

Specifically, the principle of LIFX could not be more simple: a light bulb , the look altogether traditional, coupled with a mobile application. If the installation of the bulb is traditional, the duo offers a wide range of options and gives this old-world object (or almost) connected dimension, design, economical and ecological.

Thus, thanks to the application via WiFi and connected to each of the lamps, it is possible to change the color of the LED, increase or decrease the intensity of light, create moods depending on the music played, etc.. All this on a case-by-case basis or in groups of bulbs previously set. Finally, we note the possibility of any light upon his arrival in the house or off his departure, or to set up a secure mode for the holidays. Of course, the physical switches connected to the bulbs still work,  "they could at most be slightly jealous" of their rival mobile, as specified in the project page.

Originally $ 69 to $ 490 Unit 10 bulbs, all price ranges are exhausted, but it is always possible to make a donation "just to help" and ask to be informed of news LIFX, knowing that Orders will be fulfilled in March 2013. The application LIFX, meanwhile, will be offered free, first on iOS and Android, with a possible future development for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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