How to take advantage of the new Twitter banner

Twitter recently offered its users a new profile page , introducing the banner ("header"). Here is what you need to know to take full advantage of this feature.

Like its competitors from Palo Alto and Mountain View, Twitter offers its users the possibility to better highlight. Users of Facebook were able to be creative with the launch of the Timeline ("Journal") and his famous "coverage. "It is now the turn of twittos further customize their profiles.

Change its banner

Users not really excited about the image the default egg on the famous microblogging site probably already know the settings menu "Profile" and "Theme. "This is also where there is the possibility to change the background image of user profiles. So now, a new line was introduced.

Go to the gear icon in the upper right, then "Settings", and then in the menu "Theme. "There are a few pre-designed themes to apply directly, or the ability to set its own colors and upload images of their choice to apply wallpaper or as a banner (called" header").

A banner of the coat

The purpose of these banners is at the base, stand out from others. Also choose just a pretty picture, match an original or funny with his avatar image header is the most beautiful effect.

For optimum, know that the banner on Twitter measuring 520 pixels wide by 260 pixels high. The avatar, he is a square of side 73 px. It is located at 223 px from the left edge of the banner and the top 24.

For your convenience, here is a file. Psd (Photoshop) with the required dimensions and frameworks already exist, in which just drag and resize the images you want. Once the desired effect in place, some "Layer via Copy" in a new document duplications and other trims if necessary, followed by registration (JPG, PNG or GIF) layers the right size, will provide 2 image files corresponding to the image header as well as the avatar, which incrustera in the banner at precisely the right place.

Find inspiration

You now have all the keys in hand to create a beautiful banner Twitter. In inspiration? Find below some examples of headers original relayed by BuzzFeed and Mashable . And if it really was not enough, as some services TwitrCovers allow hardest to find their happiness in a bank of images and themes elegant diverse and varied, displaying the ideal dimensions to save as a traditional image after clicking Download now.
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