Plans icon in iOS 6 in Unison the Proposed Service!

Plans, mapping app natively integrated into Apple iOS 6, was the focus of criticism since the last iteration of iOS is available. Multiple errors and other inconsistencies raised many criticisms from users. So much so that Tim Cook has stepped into the breach to present more apologies: "We are very sorry for the frustration this has caused to our customers and we do everything we can to make better plans."

It is common to let go easy on the criticism a product or app that poses serious defects. Criticism often also leaves room for ridicule. Do not give in to this facility and try to find the positives setbacks Plans. The first is that Google probably in an attempt to drive the nail logic, plancherait on a specific version of Google Maps iOS 6. Less constrained when the application was integrated natively in iOS (iOS before 6), Google could offer a more sophisticated version of its service (to follow). Seen with the YouTube app available on the App Store before disseminating iOS6. This is best done as the application that previously there were native in iOS 5. Go through the App Store makes it possible (subject to the rules of the Apple Store) for Google to have the freedom to offer services on iOS.

The semi-failure plans will also allow users to turn to alternatives and discover. Tim Cook is going to mention in his letter: "  While we are improving Plans, you can try downloading alternative mapping apps from the App Store as Bing, MapQuest and Waze or using Google Maps or Nokia by going to their websites and create an icon on your desktop for their service. 

Reacting the competition is the first positive. Then the excuses of Apple CEO are rare enough to be noted. A dose of humility to be welcomed and helps to make the giant Apple a little more "human".

Finally, as Tim Cook said in his letter, Plans will mature and provide more long-term at least a genuine alternative to Google Maps and other Bing. Competition always welcome for the user who is now quite incredible mapping services and which, moreover, are constantly enriched (recent example with Indoor Maps for France in the app Android Google Maps ).

Finally, note that if Tim Cook has put his foot in it with his letter of apology, Apple also put the dishes in the large in terms of inconsistencies, until the icon for the app.

The accuracy of the navigation turn-by-turn would be most perfectible like the icon of the app month surprising if we observe more closely. The area described is located near Infinite Loop, Apple's headquarters in California. To exit, you take Anza Boulevard and then to reach Route 280 toward San Francisco, you have to take a strap passing over a bridge. Gold icon, no bridge, it goes directly to the bridge over the motorway at 280 located below.
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