How the iPhone 5 has affected the smartphone market (computer graphics)

With all the new smartphones that have been announced in recent months, including the iPhone 5, it is not surprising that people are looking to buy a new smartphone in this period of season.

A study by AYTM Research, supported by the American blog Mashable, says more about the smartphone market in the United States and more specifically the iPhone market.

We learn that 73% of people looking to buy a smartphone in the next six months already have a smartphone and approximately 87% of iPhone owners would consider buying the new iPhone in the next six months.

According to the study, those who own an Android smartphone are more than twice as likely to move to the iPhone than the reverse. In fact, only 9% of iPhone owners considering a move to Android.

These statistics, based on a survey sent to 600 Americans aged over 18 years are actually quite logical. The life of a smartphone is indeed limited, thanks to manufacturers who come regularly for new models and the fact that everyone (or almost) wants to own one of the latest smartphones on the market.

If you're interested, AYTM Research provides questions and answers as well as his poll numbers and publishes the following graphic:

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