Apple to seeing you on October 23

Rumours of a conference held by Apple on October 23 just to confirm with invitations sent to the press.

On the invitation, we discover the Apple logo on a coloured background. On the flyer you can read a terse We've got a little more to show you. We have a little more to show you. The "little" could refer to the screen size of the iPad Mini (ie 7.85 inches). The "small" variation of the iPad is actually expected. If the announcement is very likely, the questions now focus on prices, versions (WiFi and WiFi/3G?) And specifications.

Apple reigns supreme in the tablets with the iPad. However, the firm Tim Cook is not present in the tablet segment with less than 8 inches screen, where Google and Amazon are just a hit with the Nexus 7 respectively and Kindle Fire.

Finally, Apple could also announce version Retina Display MacBook Pro 13 inch. This is expected since the release of the MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina Display. Could also discover a new Mac mini and a new line of iMac.

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