Microsoft launches Xbox Music tomorrow

Exit the Zune brand that has always seemed like a bad clone of iTunes (online and players included), now is Xbox Music , the new music service omnipotent Microsoft. This is after tomorrow it will first its debut on the Xbox 360 home console becomes the occasion for a little more of a media hub. Microsoft has decided to capitalize on the Xbox and Windows brands.

Xbox Music is not iTunes (purchase songs or albums) or Spotify (streaming offer) or Pandora (streaming music via radio), it is all the time. The user will be able to buy songs from a catalog of 30 million tracks. Files are DRM-free and encoded at 256 kb / s. It will also be possible to stream songs unlimited (for now) but with audio and visual advertisements. Quality remains present as WMA files streamed are encoded at 192 kb / s. Microsoft will also offer a monthly subscription fee of $ 10 per month to get rid of this advertisement. Finally, radios organized around such musical genres as the Pandora service will also be offered in the tender Xbox Music.

The service will work on any computer or tablet running Windows 8 (or RT) on Xbox 360 and on smartphones running Windows Phone 8 . Recall that the commercial launch of Windows 8 is scheduled for October 26. Microsoft plans to preinstall Xbox Music in Windows 8. A new approach to risk alerting authorities to regulate competition (as was already the case with Internet Explorer preinstalled in Windows).

Music is a passport to anyone trying to mobility. Apple has been a pioneer in the field by making the purchase very simple music through the iTunes Store. The service was then allowed Apple to sell iPod. Google and Amazon have followed suit with their own fissa not music service associated with Android devices and Kindle.

Success will depend on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It can, however, already rely on the Xbox 360 sold 67 million copies worldwide. The catalog will also be an important factor: 30 million shares but absentees like the Beatles (catalog group bought by Apple). Microsoft also plans to launch next Xbox Music apps on iOS and Android.

However, the first flat since the service will not be available via Windows 7 (and through previous versions of Windows) and Windows Phone 7.5 (and what about Windows Phone 7.8?). However, the Zune Music service will be accessible (with the Zune client on Windows 7) with the same catalog as Xbox Music. But it will not be possible to use the streaming service free for those OS versions.

Finally, a cloud component will be added next year in Xbox Music.

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