Lenovo becomes world's leading PC to HP

It is in a rapidly slowing sales of the PC, we have learned that Lenovo is now the world leader in terms of shipments of personal computers. For the third quarter of 2012, the market share of Lenovo was 15.7%, 2.6 points higher than the same period a year ago. Two tenths of a point to allow the Chinese company anticipates that HP's market share for Q3 2012 amounted to 15.5%, or 1.5 percentage point lower than a year ago.

The Chinese giant had experienced a meteoric rise in recent years benefiting from the growth of the Chinese market. Lenovo apotheosis in an area that is full but slow. The context is gloomy because if PC shipments last three months (Q3 2012) stood at 87.5 million, is still 8.3% below a year ago.

Some will see a transfer of power between HP and Chinese society. More than the world rankings, is the growth of the different actors that must be addressed in different geographical areas.

In the United States, HP is the market leader with 27% market share for Q3 2012, while Lenovo ranks only fourth place (8.9% market share). But there is a very sharp decline in market which accuses -13.8% drop in one year. However, among the six leading companies that sell more PCs in the United States, only Lenovo increased its sales in one year (+6.1%). The first company to limit the "breaks" with a drop of 6.1% in sales in one year is Apple.

In Europe, HP maintains the top spot even if Lenovo is close to full speed with a double-digit growth. Asia / Pacific is the world's largest market (31.3 million sales in Q3 2012). It is also down to 5.3%, a smaller decline than in other areas.

The slowdown can be largely attributed to the feverish expectation of builders and buyers operating system Windows 8 (although, strictly speaking, buyers have an indirect role in PC shipments). These delay outputs respectively of new products and their purchase. All stakeholders (except Apple of course) expect it will spark the enthusiasm and the year-end period conducive to PC purchases for the sector resumes colors. Finally, in addition to Windows 8 and any other parameter, the PC industry is in tune with the global economy growing soft or recessions in some countries.
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