Google officially launched the Nexus 4, Nexus Nexus 7 and 10

Google was unable to present his conference because of bad weather that hit the United States. But on its official blog, the Mountain View company has still revealed several interesting facts about the launch of the Nexus 4, 7 and 10.

Nexus 4

Nexus family expands with three devices. Google is also surrounded by three different manufacturers, Samsung, Asus and LG. This is the origin of the Nexus 4. The Smartphone is described as a super fast machine. Google has also made ​​a novelty such as induction charging which should satisfy many consumers. By embedding the latest version of Android, the Nexus 4 offers enhanced navigation and adding some features. Read our full article on all the features.

Nexus 7

In the process, Google has also formalized the new capacity and the latest connectivity Nexus 7. The latter is therefore declined version 3G and 32 GB model is similar to the first Nexus 7, but prices have been changed with this new release. Storage capacity will enable you to enjoy a larger space to install more of applications. You can find on our Read the full article on Nexus 7 32GB 3G.

Nexus 10

The new Google tablet is advertised as a device receiving "the highest resolution in the world." The users will be able to enjoy a screen with a high resolution providing real comfort. Nexus 10 is proving to be a product of such high quality with an exceptional image. All features have been a complete article.

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