Twitter acquires mobile application creator Cabana

The specialist in the creation of mobile applications Cabana announced on his website that he was bought by Twitter . Launched in February 2011, this service offers mostly a visual editor to easily design mobile applications ...

The official blog of Cabana, we learn that the particular social network is clearly more interested in the service team and the application itself. Indeed, it is an "acquisition-employment" or "acqui-hire" - an operation quite common in Silicon Valley can buy both an idea and a technology team.

The team Cabana, who took the time to know that Twitter in recent months, will therefore join the team today the social network to develop tools to assist developers.

The application Cabana, in its current form, should no longer exist as a standalone tool and should even permanently close December 1, 2012. A priori, the teams Cabana and Twitter seem to be on the same wavelength so it is possible that the ideas and innovations that have made the success of the service are included.

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