Google: The results fuitent, the title is suspended

The title of Google has been suspended due to an accident in the publication of results. These occurred 3 hours before the scheduled time. The penalty has been immediate.

Thursday evening, the title was sanctioned Google and implications have not been expected since the fall of 9% in the New York Stock Exchange. This decrease is due to the leakage of the company's results have been published three hours before the authorized marked "  Pending quote Larry  . " The Mountain View company has tried to put the blame on the printer RR Donneley. It would have transmitted the results of three e quarter with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) without permission. This error thus exacerbating the situation is already difficult since the company's results are not as expected. An increase of 19% over one year is observed for the turnover (11.3 billion dollars), this data still shows slow growth. A 20% reduction also affects quarterly earnings, Google has surprised the market with these results and this accident.

The Mountain View company must explain its poor results. They are due to the acquisition of Motorola has not brought positive since the manufacturer posted a loss of $ 527 million. This result is registered since the beginning of this year as Google, this fall so taints the Mountain View company. Advertising rates down as well as increased costs (71%) are also responsible. Successive reductions in accident and this printer has plunged the share of 10%. The expected benefit was 10.65 dollars, but the reality is different, as the title of Google showed 03.09 dollars. At 4:45 p.m. GMT, the situation is no better with a drop of 7.22%. The penalty falls immediately after the publication of results, the action displays 687.30 dollars.

On social networks , the web mock Google, a Twitter page "  Pending Larry  "has emerged.
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