Xbox 360 and Android: SmartGlass landed on Google Play

With the Wii U, Nintendo will offer its solution "transmedia" between the console and the GamePad. Sony is also trying a similar approach with a possible interaction between the PS3 and PS Vita.

But Microsoft is not left with SmartGlass. With this application, which landed on the free Google Play , Xbox 360 owners access their console from their Android device. Recall that the Xbox 360 is itself a true media hub that goes beyond the simple framework of the game. Your smartphone (or tablet) Android so you can access all this "universe."

Free app allows you to take control of its console since its Android tablet or smartphone with version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) minimum. The device plays the role of remote control (the two devices communicate via your local network) to control the dashboard console and playing videos and music. It also becomes much easier to type text rather than the console controller.

SmartGlass but also provides access to additional content for games, music, videos ... This is where the application is very important. Now remains to content providers (this is the same for game publishers on Wii U) deliver features and additional content relevant and complementary to "feed" SmartGlass. A real world parallel can therefore be opened at the discretion of the imagination of developers. Along the same idea, we have seen recently with the bluray "Prometheus" is BD-Live can offer truly interesting content from a mobile device (iOS and Android).

App also provides access to Xbox Live profile (it is also necessary to have such an account to run the application) and can change his avatar, send messages to friends and follow his "achievements". SmartGlass is already freely available for devices running Windows 8 (and RT) from the Windows App Store. Microsoft has promised it will arrive for iOS and Windows Phone also 7.5, 7.8 and 8.
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