iPhone 5: Win a Smartphone with the size of his penis

The iPhone 5 is found in a quite amazing contest. Some are willing to do anything to make the advancement of a site, a shop ... The Internet has the opportunity to win the latest smartphone from Apple in terms of the size of their penis .

Some are willing to break their piggy bank, withdraw or make a credit economy with his entourage ... Customers will they be able to meet the challenge proposed by a Danish site? It offers men measure the size of their penis possibly win the jackpot, iPhone 5. The concept is pretty amazing, you must send a picture of the intimate parts to eventually be the winner.

Whoever has the smallest penis will have the opportunity to start with the latest smartphone from Apple. Size is not the only criterion, since women on the site will also elect the second winner. This announcement created a buzz so this is the goal, but the owner of forty years a second goal. In electing the smallest sex, he wants through this contest de complex men compared to the size of their sex. Currently, very few images have been submitted and validated, the site must verify that the pictures are not taken from the web.

All men may participate, just send a photo of her sex (erection) next to a tape or ruler. This method enables the site to measure the private parts. The site owner, Morten Fabricius said that the two have a smaller iPhone 5. For the 3 e and 4 e place, men receive a tablet iPad. Sending pictures to be made ​​before January 31. The odds of winning are quite important since the site has received 7 images.
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