Windows 8 PC blew in his first pub

Windows 8 and your PC is boom! Should see a message on the future of the PC? The first advertisement for Windows 8 running for a few hours on the official YouTube channel of Windows, and one of the first shock images is the explosion of a laptop. Altogether. Microsoft had been less punk.

For the rest, the video - very active - playing with a countdown stops of 8, is an important part of the touch screen (PC and tablets) and ends with the already known slogan "Windows Re imagined".

The second spot, but equally spectacular choreography, entitled "The Surface Movement", featuring the Windows 8 tablet surface.

I must say that Microsoft plays very big on the launch on October 26 for Windows 8, and put very heavy advertising, since the website according to Forbes , the Redmond company invests more than 1.5 billion dollars in marketing around the launch. On a staggering scale of the challenge, when we know that the budget for the launch of Windows Phone 7 was $ 500 million, and the Windows 95 (rock'n'roll enough since the soundtrack was signed the Rolling Stones Start Me Up) 200 million.
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