iPad Mini and now the price?

The buzz is unpredictable. Who would have thought that the most credible rumor about the iPad Mini find its origin in Europe? After the various leaks, and the announcement of a probable keynote on October 23 for the presentation of the iPad Min i, here now new indiscretions from Cupertino or not a Chinese supplier, but a German blog.

The site MobileGeeks has a scan of what looks like a grid tariff describing no less than eight different versions of the iPad Mini with tarifsallant from 249 to 649 euros, depending on the memory capacity of the unit and its connectivity.

The pricing in question come from the group Media Saturn, which owns retail stores specializing in electronics and computer in several European countries, notably under the Saturn brand.

For those who are waiting for this new tablet eagerly hoping for a reasonable price, this could be a pretty good surprise, since the first model to come out 249 euros for a memory capacity of 8 GB ... Affordable price for an iPad, but that is still above the reference model 7 inches, the Nexus 7 , which embeds 16GB for the same price.

One other sources, always German splits even for a picture of the iPad Mini , which looks very much like a formal presentation Apple, the kind that could be found soon on the website of the brand to apple. Except that, as you quite rightly pointed out in the comments and on Twitter , the presence of the Google Chrome icon instead of the Safari Mobile on the bottom left of the screen in the dock makes this assumption unlikely and more like a snub or teasing from the designer behind this arrangement.

So, it only remains to wait for October 23 for confirmation of this. Or not.
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