Ubuntu: a mature

Canonical can not deny its origins. Previously reserved for people who already have computer literacy, the new version of Ubuntu confirms the commitment of the firm to provide Open Source operating system very easy to use. Prove as attractive as possible for the general public and businesses alike, that the stated objective of Ubuntu who wants to be a solid alternative to Windows & MacOSX.

Ubuntu for the general public

Today is the Canonical Book version 12.10 of its operating system subtitled Quantal Quetzal. And if you're familiar with Linux installations, forget the different images. iso with the installation CD, one for installation via USB stick, etc.. installed Ubuntu 12.10 operating system firmly in simplicity. Bonnefon For Maria, Market Director at Canonical, the Ubuntu version is somewhere between Windows and MacOSX, beautiful, ergonomic and stable. We find first a launcher application (which is furiously think Apple Dock) which allows access to very simply app and web app (Gmail, Facebook , Amazon, ...) most used.

The other new consumer is looking Dash which allows to find all documents that are on your hard disk or on a service like Google Cloud Drive. Cloud is also an axis developed on Quantal since Quetzal Cloud service called Ubuntu One allows you to keep your contacts, bookmarks, notes, music, and more generally files synchronized between your devices.

Ubuntu for business world

Ubuntu wants but also add a layer of security to the cloud in order to attract companies that are in the pharmaceutical, finance, healthcare, telecommunications and government, where data security is paramount. The firm is therefore considerable efforts to governments and education and has already managed to convert the National Gendarmerie (80,000 desktops on Ubuntu), and the National Assembly (where 1,500 jobs are under Ubuntu).

Besides, more and more manufacturers (such as Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, etc.). Selling machines with Ubuntu by rapidly increasing the number of computers running the free operating system. Ubuntu is today between 3 and 5% of the global market with 20 million machines with the goal of reaching 200 million in 4 years.

In short, Ubuntu wants to be more attractive to both the general public and for large companies with an operating system decidedly more simple, beautiful and stable.
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