More than one billion smartphones in the world

According to a study by the firm Strategy Analytics , there are now more than one billion smartphones in use worldwide. In one year, the market grew from 708 million in the third quarter of 2011 to 1.038 billion at the end of September.

"We believe that 7 people in the world has a smartphone," says Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics.

This figure was reached in the third quarter, it took 16 years for the industry of smartphones to achieve this result since the inception of the first device of its kind, the Nokia Communicator which was released in 1996.

Strategy Analytics announced a penetration rate of around 60% in the United States and Europe about 40% on average.

The course of the second billion smartphones will be reached in less than three years, in the course of the year 2015 shows the expert. The market is expected to know a new dynamic emerging countries adopting at the moment mostly traditional mobile phones (feature phones).

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