Surface: Microsoft touts the tablet with a crash test

Surface will come on October 26. Microsoft begins promotion to mobilize maximum number of consumers. After unveiling a video presentation , the company shares crash test. The goal? Show the strength of the tablet.

Microsoft relies heavily on the marketing of the tablet surface. Thus, to promote the company does not lack imagination. This device was presented as a tablet optimized for the movement. It must be robust and withstand many shocks. Microsoft proposes a new video in Full HD 1080p. The latter shows the shelf positioned 80 centimeters above the ground. The camera work and film during the crash test.

Extolling the virtues

After a fall of 80 centimeters, the engineer showed that the camera is always active. With this crash test, Microsoft wants to brag about its tablet. Must still take this promotion with tweezers. There is only one angle, that of the tablet. Thus, a cut video could be made when the image becomes black. The engineer did not show if the tablet is damaged or if the screen is scratched, for example ... No information accompanies this video, engineers may have tried repeatedly to get continuity in the video.

The U.S. giant has put all the odds in your favor to satisfy maximum consumers. The tablet is available in several colors, light, mobile ... She also brings a small computer with the keyboard that also serves as protection for the screen. It will also have the latest version of the operating system Microsoft Windows 8. The first models that are pre-orders using Windows RT. Prices range between 489 and 694 euros. Rates are different depending on the capacity (32, 64 GB). On October 26, Microsoft releases so heavy artillery with the presentation of the tablet surface and the official launch of Windows 8. This marks a real turning point in the era of operating systems. It is optimized for PCs and tablets and offers a completely revamped design.
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