Apple Plans parodied with Hunger Games and Batman

Apple Plans is the application that makes the most about her since her commissioning. The bugs are numerous and it gave some ideas. The mapping system is parodied with Batman and Hunger Games. The result is quite nice.

Apple Plans application is about her, but because of many bugs. Sometimes the world turns into a video game , because the application revisits the bridges, the provision of roads, and even the location of cities. The users therefore had many surprises in wanting to use Apple Plans. This misadventure was also experienced by Batman and Katniss from Hunger Games. The super hero tries to find in the second episode the woman he loves. The Joker gives an indication and is trying to find his way with Maps. The boards are not good and the end ends badly.

The second video features a parody with Hunger Games. The young woman trying to navigate this hostile jungle where other candidates are trying to kill her, but once again the signs are bad and Katniss does not find its way. Both videos are quite nice especially when Katniss must see the bridge.

Faced with these many bugs, Tim Cook apologized on the Internet and the Cupertino company is trying to find solutions to fix many bugs. Until we have an application worthy of the name, the mishap Apple gives some ideas online . Both videos were available on YouTube channel MovieclipsTrailers.
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