Play the Google topped 700,000 apps

Last week, Apple announced that the App Store had passed the 700,000 apps available for iOS device users. Google does not rely on a leash and responds a week later so loud: the Google Play also comes to exceed the 700,000 apps downloaded by Android users.

In the area of mobility, the hardware plays a crucial role. In this game, Google has placed several skirmishes with rival Apple in particular, yesterday revealing serious competitors to the iPhone 5 with the Nexus 4 , with the iPad with the fourth generation Nexus 10 and iPad Mini by expanding its range Nexus 7 (model 32GB, 32GB 3G model and updating prices) . Hardware which can support mobile OS richer, efficient and innovative: this other game, Google Android 4.2 unsheathed yesterday (available first on the Nexus 4 and 10) which provides multi-user account, a quick setup menu accessible from the notifications panel and "Photo Sphere" which allows you to take 360 degree pictures and share them on Google+ but Google Maps. Google responds to Apple released a 240-degree panning with iOS 6. This is the application that Apple plans is scratched in passing (since it has no views).

Microsoft is the third player (until perhaps RIM BlackBerry OS and 10) now playing in the big leagues with Windows Phone 8. The Redmond company is doing everything to attract developers and to offer the famous "killer apps." For the third cornerstone of a mobile ecosystem is well in its apps store. Apple has long used its advantage in the field to attract users with marketing muscle. This is no longer an argument against Android.

Apple will always mean by saying that its apps store is more profitable than Google Play. Its 700,000 apps translate into more sales better able to compensate developers. Thus, since the creation of the App Store in 2008, 6.5 billion have been distributed to developers. But Google is based on a different model to monetize the Google Play: advertising often allows users to enjoy the same free apps than iOS users. The advertising revenues provide compensation developers.
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