Amazon compares its Kindle Fire iPad HD Mini

On its website, Amazon has decided to tackle the latest from Apple, the iPad Mini, comparing to its tablet, the Kindle Fire HD.

Without a doubt, this year 2012 is that of the tablets, or rather a true "war" tablets. Far as total domination of Apple's iPad, launched in 2010, taking short competition which will take a long time to be on the market despite testing well known brands (HP, BlackBerry, Motorola or the French Archos). The real change will come with Google's finally an aggressive pricing policy and an operating system matures to finally open the market to competition in the absence of directly opposing the iPad.

Indeed, the various iPad killer were all eventually face the supremacy of the Cupertino company in the area and it is finally choosing a different angle than the competition ended drill: size. Democratizing 7 inch format, it is a new market that brands have developed, especially a snook at Apple refused to release a tablet in this format before changing his mind with the iPad Mini . It is the latter which is in the viewfinder that Amazon announced on its website U.S.  a comparison between the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD running obviously to the advantage of the latter.

The e-commerce giant uses a short slogan but has the merit of being clear "  Much more for much less  "before insisting on a few things to the advantage of the tablet as the definition of the screen (30% more than the iPad Mini), the density of pixels per inch (216 pixels per inch Kindle Fire HD against 163 for the Apple tablet) but also HD video playback and two stereo speakers (one for iPad Mini) and a faster WiFi (MIMO).

Amazon does not hesitate to take a direct competitor before insisting on the strengths of its tablet, the $ 199 against $ 329 for the Apple tablet. Practice not really surprising since Apple, via Phil Schiller, had also chosen to compare its new tablet than a direct competitor namely Google Nexus 7.
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