iPhone 5: Smartphone sales are they disappointing?

The iPhone 5 has caused some impatience. The buzz was at the rendezvous, but the enthusiasm is back down. Sales even at the iPhone 4S. However, the launch foreshadowed a record.

When the iPhone 5 comes on the market at the time of the Apple keynote, millions of people are eager to preorder. The figures recorded in two days show that 2 million copies have been reserved. Several weeks after launch, the popularity has fallen and sales are not as exceptional. Yet everything had been put in place to attract a new screen, a new thickness and high speed. The future of the smartphone business was thus traced, Apple today has a severe slowdown. Currently, the sales would be the same as the iPhone 4. This is the business daily Les Echos quoted a source from the operator Orange revealed this information.

The reasons for this disappointment?

The Galaxy S3 has emerged in May and success is always waiting for you. The launch of the latest phone from Apple did not vitiate the sales of Samsung. The price would it be at the origin of this trend? You should know that the iPhone 5 is sold 679 euros without subscription for a capacity of 16 GB Some competitors offer smartphones much cheaper that will fully meet the expectations of consumers. Today, customers tend to migrate to operators as Sosh, B & You or Free Mobile. The packages offered are useful and certainly less expensive, they are likely to have changed operators. This could also play into disfavor because Apple does not offer subsidized smartphones. The invoice can be hard to spend with the economic crisis.

People may be tired of the iPhone 5. It must be said that several months before its official launch, rumors, photos, videos and many concepts have been flooding the web. The buzz has worked, but this may be turned against Apple. The negative image of Plans did not play for the company. These bugs have even pushed Tim Cook to apologize for the problems. After removing Google Maps , rumors suggest a new integration. So it taints the credibility of the company. Another point is also to take into account the stock. Assembling the phone asks for a certain time, the delivery time is therefore longer and operators display a stock. Faced with this situation, some consumers simply prefer to go elsewhere.

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