If Google is taxed, the French media will no longer be referenced

Google threatens to no longer reference the French media in a letter to the government. The cause of this issue? The fee requested by newspaper publishers has led to the annoyance of the company.

In September, the French publishers wanted the search engines pay when using indirect content. This concept would be an extension of copyright. Specifically, when a user clicks on an item from the search engine, Google must pay a fee for each reading. The amount could be significant because you should know that Google reference nearly 4 billion clicks per month to publishers' pages. The group has sent a letter as he explains that Google   can not accept that the introduction of a similar right for referencing sites French press calls into question its very existence and would therefore be forced to no longer reference the French sites.

Google threat

Within the government, the Minister of Culture, AurĂ©lie Filippetti supports the introduction of a tax   Among the tools it seems important to develop, I think it is the idea of creating a right neighbor for publishers, what we called a few easy Lex Google, which seems highly relevant.  Google to another vision of the right neighbor, it considers that the text wishes simply   prohibit referencing unpaid. According to the group this Act  would result in limiting access to information to reduce the number of French sites referenced on the Internet, but also stifle innovation.

Google threatens therefore no longer reference the French media if the government validates this bill. The group believes that submitting the SEO compensation while punishing the   failure to pay it in three years' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros, will only multiply conflicts and slow Internet. The government will give there threats? AurĂ©lie Filippetti said the DGMIC (Directorate General of Media and Cultural Industries) working on the development of this bill.
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