Apple against Samsung, the verdict in the United Kingdom

The war against Apple Samsung continues to rage. While threats of lawsuits are launched in different countries, the United Kingdom gave its verdict. Verdict in favour of Samsung, as the judge stated that the design of its tablet was not copied to the Apple. The trial judge had already issued the verdict in July and this time, it is indeed confirmed. Icing on the cake for Samsung, the judge demands public apology from Apple to counteract the negative image that the company has had to endure throughout the procedure.

Apple is sanctioned, say even punished, not only by being dismissed in court. The judge decided to drive the nail forcing the firm to buy advertising space where an apology will be formally presented and where the court is clearly exposed. In addition, Apple is condemned to implement a banner on its website that reflects the judge's decision, this banner will remain in place for not less than 6 months! It seems that the little war launched by Apple against rival on grounds more or less valid finds no echo among judges.

Samsung welcomed the decision of the judges, the firm estimates that Apple is not the only company to have imagined rectangular tablets with rounded corners. Even if the trial judge had said that Samsung products were not "too cool" as Apple, Apple will have to reckon with this decision. In fact, Apple threatened to launch trials in different countries but with the British trial verdicts, it could set a precedent and that the other judges decide to side with the English view.

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