Megaupload 2: return!

Kim DotCom is known to have been caught by the FBI about his very famous site MegaUpload, by which amount of users could upload works, video or audio, regardless of copyright. Kim had not long ago announced plans to build a new website with the evocative name of Megabox. But it was useless to repeat the mistakes of the past being in total illegality and risking a break at any time of the site's servers as well as the wrath of justice.

We know a little more today on the architecture of the future website and how Kim DotCom imagined getting out of legal trouble could lead to a site whose purpose is still for visitors to grab files may be subject to copyright. Indeed, the latest have to worry about what to do with the rights holders and lawyers, as users see the files posted by users, provided they hold an encryption key to decipher what is downloaded. Indeed, AES encryption system is expected to be integrated Megabox.

The fact that users are the sole owners of the encryption keys to avoid hosting site to have knowledge of the contents of the files and the keys will be not stored on the servers of the site. But Kim DotCom says however that the rights holders will have access to the content they choose to access the encryption key. We can still say that the web designer mocks majors and justice. In addition the site will have their servers hosted in different countries to avoid loss of data and actions pure and simple cut from countries hosting. One may wonder why the majors have not looked at this encryption system when the Internet began to stammer and when it became obvious that the works were swarming the web.

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