iPhone 5 jailbreak coming soon

While the iPhone 5 has appeared recently, jailbreak iOS 6 seems almost to be unveiled. Indeed Planetbeing have discovered a loophole that will be exploited immediately to allow all users the latest Iphone who wish to unlock. Planetbeing provides on his Twitter have found a way to bypass the lock and version of the iPhone 4S, which supports iOS 6 would also be concerned with the jailbreak.

What is a Jailbreak?

The operating system of the iPhone is limited by Apple and the jailbreak is actually a loophole that allows full use of it by smartphone users. In fact, users can then download and use applications that are not available in the Appstore.

When will be available Jailbreak?

Now that the fault is found it will be used but it will have to be a little patient. For the jailbreak to be usable by all users, it will take a lot of work for a few weeks so hackers and waiting again, this may be a kind of Christmas gift.

Why does it take so long as the fault has been found?

With each new model, Apple strengthens security and learns from the mistakes of previous operating systems. The latest jailbreak has been very difficult to develop and there is little doubt that it will be even more complicated. To unlock this version of Team Dev Team had announced that it did not launch in the race to jailbreak and general anxiety was to know that someone else was up to the challenge. It would seem so, but before declaring victory, await the results of Planetbeing and expect to have completed the jailbreak hands. In the meantime the Appstore is the only solution for downloading applications.

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