Microsoft: Steve Ballmer change its strategy and become a manufacturer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced new guidelines for the new company policy. Shareholders have been informed of the changes introduced with the release of the tablet surface.

Steve Ballmer has sent a letter to shareholders in which he explains the change in company strategy. The tablet surface or the next Xbox is in a different perspective. The editor of Redmond now wants to think its products by becoming a manufacturer. Microsoft undergoes a   significant change in both what we do, but also in the way we think. This new policy allows the company to obtain two divisions:

  • Equipment and services for the general public
  • Reserved services companies

The company invests in the new approach is not to the taste of some of its partners such as Nokia. Steve Ballmer continues its momentum despite the differences of opinion by stating   we will produce products mainly targeted at very specific use, as we do with Xbox or shelf space. The CEO also wants to set an example, but at no time does it encroach on the domain of its partners.

A strategy similar to Apple

The new twist is made ​​by Microsoft strategy compared to a competitor, Apple . He explains in the letter   This is a era of incredible opportunity for us and for the 8 million developers who create applications for our devices. For over 640,000 Microsoft partners around the world and, more importantly, for the people and businesses who use our products to grow at 100%. Microsoft has decided to propose technological products. This new strategy will begin with the launch of the digital pad surface. This area underwent strong growth in recent months, Microsoft has understood that it was essential to integrate the market. This will help to offset the decline in revenues due to sales of PCs.
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