AMD: poor performance and redundancy plan program

The famous manufacturer of microprocessors and rival Intel unveiled financial results for the third quarter of 2012 fell sharply causing the removal of 15% of its workforce!

This is not really a surprise, the company Advance Micro Devices , is not at his best form in recent years. Crushed by Intel in late 2011 captured 80% of the processor market and faces a PC market declined for the first time since 2001 , this is too much for that AMD has decided to take drastic measures.

Indeed, after the announcement Thursday of a quarterly net loss of $ 157 million against a profit of $ 97 million over the same period in 2011 and a turnover down 25% (1.27 billion dollars), AMD announced the elimination of 15% of its workforce in 1600 that 11,000 jobs on the company account. If the division   graphics  is affected by a decrease of 15% compared to the third quarter of 2011, it is the division  computer  which includes CPU and APU which is the main affected, with a decrease of 28% compared to the still third quarter of 2011 and 11% compared to the second quarter of 2012. The 11% decrease reflect the rapid degradation of the PC market as all players are affected. A few days before the announcement of AMD, Intel also announced the results down and pessimistic but the situation number one global semi-manufacturers is much less worrying than that of its competitor.

Aware of the financial difficulties in recent years and the decline that knows the PC market seems to devote to give way to the shelves, AMD had anticipated last March in selling its shares  of Global Foundries, AMD subsidiary so far responsible for the production of the processors. This decision, which had feared a willingness to withdraw the brand of the processor market is mainly be a new strategy for AMD wants to focus solely on the design.

Finally, note that if the release of a new operating system was previously good news for the two giant processors, Windows 8 and its interface for both PC and tablets could increase competition between the two . Competition between the new ARM architecture and ultrabooks , whose name was introduced by Intel, AMD's future seems bleak.
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